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39 Possible Causes for Hot Flushes, Muscle Mass Decreased, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

  • Menopause

    On this page: Hot flushes Menopause and memory Mood disturbances Sex & menopause Continence and prolapse Hot flushes Around 80 per cent of women experience hot flushes and[] Due to a decrease in muscle mass and slowing of your metabolism, it’s more important than ever to limit processed foods and focus on eating a clean diet.[] Health Changes with Menopause The hormone changes that occur after menopause increase the risk for bone thinning (osteopenia and osteoporosis) and fracture, and heart disease[]

  • Male Hypogonadism

    flushes in certain cases of acute onset.[] […] and body hair growth, decreased muscle mass, development of breast tissue, and loss of bone mass.[] Is Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Reversible if Opioid Treatment is Discontinued? Untreated hypogonadism may lead to severe bone diseases like osteoporosis or osteopenia.[]

  • Estrogen Deficiency

    A total of 177 women in whom the number of daily hot flushes had decreased to less than one-third of the baseline value (marked improvement) at week 8 were double-blindly[] Decreases in lean body mass, the size of the thigh muscle and leg strength did not develop until testosterone levels became quite low.[] Abstract In recent years, interest in the relationship between osteopenia, osteoporosis, estrogen status, and periodontal disease has grown considerably.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    Potential side effects of SERMs include hot flushes and a slight increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), but SERMs do not increase the risk of breast cancer.[] Fumikazu Hayashi, Masaki Kaibori, Tatsuma Sakaguchi, Kosuke Matsui, Morihiko Ishizaki, A‐Hon Kwon, Junji Iwasaka, Yutaka Kimura and Daiki Habu, Loss of skeletal muscle mass[] NHANES III Phase 1: Prevalence estimates of osteopenia and osteoporosis for women NHANES III Phase 1: Prevalence estimates of osteopenia and osteoporosis for nonhispanic white[]

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    Possible side effects of an orchidectomy include decreased libido, impotence and hot flushes.[] mass, weakness Decreased bone mass (osteoporosis) Shrunken testicles Depression Loss of self-esteem, aggressiveness/alertness and higher cognitive functions such as prioritizing[] Bisphosphonates The bisphosphonates are a group of drugs used to treat several conditions people can get including osteopenia and osteoporosis.[]

  • Male Castration

    Castration, of course, has extensive side effects. 3 A castrated adult male will lose muscle but gain fat. 4 He can expect hot flushes like those that women have at menopause[] As testosterone levels drop, muscle mass does decrease.[] He can expect hot flushes like those that women have at menopause. He will lose body hair, and his penis will shrink.[]

  • Pituitary Adenoma

    Adults who are growth hormone deficient may have an increased amount of body fat and decreased amount of muscle mass.[] […] or osteoporosis Easy bruising Hyperlipidemia Menstrual disorders Violaceous striae wider than 1 cm Recurrent opportunistic or bacterial infections Acne Hirsutism TABLE 1[] Changes in body composition can also occur – more fat is accumulated (especially in the abdomen) and a decrease in muscle mass occurs.[]

  • Pulmonary Disorder

    Manifestations include the frequent passage of bulky, foul-smelling, oily stools; abdominal protuberance; and poor growth pattern with decreased subcutaneous tissue and muscle[] […] appears to be a risk factor for osteoporosis and osteopenia.[] mass despite a normal or voracious appetite.[]

  • Primary Male Hypogonadism

    Symptoms of hypogonadism can include mood changes, reduced libido, low energy, decreased muscle bulk and strength, hot flushes, decreased ability to concentrate, lack of morning[] Male hypogonadism symptoms during adulthood may include: Erectile dysfunction Infertility problems Decreased muscle mass Decreased body hair growth Loss of bone mass ( osteoporosis[] […] or endurance Low mood, irritability, poor concentration, impaired short term memory, sleepiness Deteriorating work performance Hot flushes Organ-specific symptoms Bone: osteopenia[]

  • Andropause

    KEYWORDS: Genitourinary syndrome of menopause; Hormone therapy; Hot flushes; Menopause; Osteoporosis; Women[] Symptoms of Andropause Male Andropause is characterized by the following symptoms: Weight-Gain in the Middle Declining ability to maintain MUSCLE mass Decreased ability to[] Fractures, one complication of osteopenia and osteoporosis, may suggest andropause as well.[]

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