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465 Possible Causes for Hydroa Vacciniforme, Scleromalacia Perforans, Symblepharon

  • Erythropoietic Porphyria

    The patient had normal vision in both eyes with bilateral scleromalacia perforans. The right eye showed painful, nodular scleritis.[] Differential diagnosis Clinically, EPP should be differentiated from phototoxic drug reactions, hydroa vacciniforme, solar urticaria.[] There was scarring of the entire face, bilaterally severely scarred retracted eye lids with incomplete lid closure (Fig 1 ), loss of eye lashes, scarred conjunctiva with symblepharon[]

  • Scleritis and Episcleritis

    Of these, 13 were regarded as scleromalacia perforans. Posterior scleritis (6 eyes) The diagnosis is based on an exact clinical examination which is fully described.[] perforans, and posterior) and episcleritis (simple and nodular).[] Thirteen subjects had anterior scleritis (7 nodular, 5 diffuse, and 1 scleromalacia perforans), and 7 subjects had episcleritis.[]

    Missing: Hydroa Vacciniforme
  • Porphyria Cutanea Tarda

    perforans.[] vacciniforme Lupus erythematosus, Bullous Diagnosis Key Points *Diagnosis based on skin biopsy of the affected area *Other tests including complete blood count, urine and[] A 31-year-old man presented with bilateral inferior symblepharon, superior tarsal conjunctival scarring and concretions, and recurrent conjunctival and episcleral injection[]

  • Episcleritis

    Of these, 13 were regarded as scleromalacia perforans. Posterior scleritis (6 eyes) The diagnosis is based on an exact clinical examination which is fully described.[] “Episcleritis and symblepharon associated with Lyme keratitis. American journal of ophthalmology. 1990;109(4):487-8.[] Effect of cortisone on rheumatoid nodules of the sclera (scleromalacia perforans).[]

    Missing: Hydroa Vacciniforme
  • Sclerosing Keratitis

    It is often associated with scleromalacia perforans. b. Is corneal graft useful in this patient?[] , right eye H11.232 Symblepharon, left eye H11.233 Symblepharon, bilateral H11.239 Symblepharon, unspecified eye H11.241 Scarring of conjunctiva, right eye H11.242 Scarring[] […] corneal edema Stromal pigmentations Subluxation of lens Superficial injury of conjunctiva Superficial injury of cornea Superficial injury of eyelids and periocular area Symblepharon[]

    Missing: Hydroa Vacciniforme
  • Lymphoma

    […] multiple 731.0 perforans 379.04 Scleromyxedema 701.8 Scleroperikeratitis 379.05 Sclerose en plaques 340 Sclerosis, sclerotic adrenal (gland) 255.8 Alzheimer's 331.0 with[] […] lymphocytic leukemia Chronic lymphoproliferative disorder of NK cells* Aggressive NK-cell leukemia Systemic EBV-positive T-cell lymphoproliferative disease of childhood Hydroa[] […] lymphoproliferative disorder of NK-cells) 急速進行性NK細胞白血病(Aggressive NK-cell leukemia) 小児全身性EBV陽性T細胞リンパ腫(Systemic EBV positive T-cell lymphoma of childhood) 種痘様水疱症様リンパ増殖異常症(Hydroa[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    perforans 379.05 Scleritis with corneal involvement Scleroperikeratitis 379.06 Brawny scleritis 379.07 Posterior scleritis Sclerotenonitis 379.09 Other Scleral abscess 379.1[] Vacciniforme Hydrocele Hydrocephalus Hydrocephalus, Normal Pressure Hydronephrosis Hydrophthalmos Hydropneumothorax Hydrops Fetalis Hydrothorax Hymenolepiasis Hyperacusis[] […] keratitis, mucus clumping, increased tear debris, ulceration Lid and meibomian glands MGD variably present MGD variably present MGD frequent Trichiasis, keratinization, symblepharon[]

  • Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis

    Occasionally, an atypical presentation of necrotizing scleritis without inflammation may occur; this is known as scleromalacia perforans.[] Two case reports are presented in which patients with epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC) develop symblepharon during the course of their infection.[] Surgical management: Surgery is extremely rare for EKC and is reserved for severe cases with cicatricial conjunctivitis or symblepharon.[]

    Missing: Hydroa Vacciniforme
  • Scleral Staphyloma

    Scleromalacia Perforans from long-standing bulbar conjunctival Rhinosporidiosis.[] Rheumatoid arthritis is the disease most commonly associated with scleromalacia perforans and with bilateral scleritis.[] perforans • Patients with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis • Painless scleral thinning and melting • Cause is ischemia Posterior scleritis • Inflammation with thickening[]

    Missing: Hydroa Vacciniforme
  • Keratitis Bullosa

    vacciniforme 140 Herpes zoster 212 , 213 Herpes simplex 218 , 220 Vaccinia 97 , 217 Behçet’s disease (rare) 3 , 255 Tuberculosis 3 Syphilis 240 Sleeping sickness 194 , 195[] Both ectropion and severe symblepharon can cause exposure or lagophthalmos.[] Ocular complications include eyelid blisters, ectropion, symblepharon formation, tear film abnormalities, goblet cell loss, squamous metaplasia, reduced corneal sensation,[]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans

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