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1,057 Possible Causes for Hydrocephalus, Obstructive Hydrocephalus, Seizure

  • Pineal Gland Cyst

    Postmortem examination revealed a glial cyst of the pineal gland and evidence of chronic obstructive hydrocephalus.[] We report a new complication of intracystic hemorrhage in a large pineal gland cyst in a 40-year-old man with new onset seizures.[] […] was once believed that smaller cysts (less than 5.0 mm) were usually asymptomatic, but for larger cysts (greater than 5.0 mm), symptoms could include headache, unexpected seizures[]

  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

    An adult with asymptomatic Dandy-Walker malformation without hydrocephalus was studied.[] A 19-year-old female was referred with seizures and the Dandy-Walker syndrome. We continued the medical workup and also treated the patient with psychotherapy.[] hydrocephalus.[]

  • Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma

    Communicating hydrocephalus is noted. The cerebrospinal fluid protein level was 737 mg/dl.[] Tumors are also removed in cases where a patient is suffering from a high seizure burden.[] Subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGCA) is a benign, slow-growing glial tumor that manifests with signs and symptoms of obstructive hydrocephalus most often in adolescent[]

  • Hydrocephalus

    Hydrocephalus requires regular and long term follow-up.[] She remained seizure-free until age five months, when seizures reappeared in the context of increasing head size and irritability.[] Patients with an intraventricular haematoma with no evidence of obstructive hydrocephalus were also excluded from the study.[]

  • Ventricular Hemorrhage

    Clamping the LD was performed every second day and development of hydrocephalus was monitored by CT.[] The third was admitted three days after birth with seizures and a tense fontanelle.[] METHODS: Patients with intracerebral hemorrhage, severe IVH, and obstructive hydrocephalus with the need for external ventricular drainage were treated with IVF through external[]

  • Vein of Galen Aneurysm

    Abstract Aneurysm of the vein of Galen is a rare cause of hydrocephalus.[] We report on a 65-year-old man who experienced a generalized tonic-clonic seizure.[] A 64-year-old man presented with symptoms of obstructive hydrocephalus secondary to a vein of Galen aneurysm associated with a dural arteriovenous malformation and straight[]

  • Brain Neoplasm

    It manifests as a form of paroxysmal hypertension, fever, tachycardia, tachypnea, pupillary dilation, agitation and extensor posturing after traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus[] Seizures, focal or generalized, may be the earliest expression of a brain tumor.[] Symptoms, as a result of a mass effect from the tumour or due to obstructive hydrocephalus, include morning headaches, nausea, vomiting, diplopia (a manifestation of sixth[]

  • Meningeal Tuberculosis

    The management of hydrocephalus can include medical therapy with dehydrating agents and steroids for patients in good grades and those with communicating hydrocephalus.[] Seizures are commonly observed in children. Without treatment the disease progresses rapidly which may lead to coma and death of the patient.[] Basal meningitis accounts for the frequent dysfunction of cranial nerves (CNs) III, VI, and VII, eventually leading to obstructive hydrocephalus from obstruction of basilar[]

  • Subdural Hematoma

    KEYWORDS: Cerebral ventriculomegaly; Congenital hydrocephalus; Intracranial hypertension; Newborn; Obstructive hydrocephalus; Subdural hematoma; Ventricular atrium diverticulum[] Exclusion criteria History of pre‐existing seizures.[] hydrocephalus.[]

  • Neurocysticercosis

    Intraventricular cysts or arachnoiditis usually cause hydrocephalus in neurocysticercosis but craniocervical junction cysts causing obstructive hydrocephalus are rare.[] Abstract Seizures are the commonest manifestation of brain parenchymal cysticercosis.[] Especially, fourth ventricular cysts carry the risk of obstructive hydrocephalus and brainstem compression and therefore should be extirpated completely.[]

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