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25 Possible Causes for Hydrocephalus, Progressive Painless Visual Loss, Weight Gain

  • Hypotension

    […] hypotension Disorder of the autonomic nervous system (caused by diabetes, for example) Nerve cell damage in the brain (caused by certain forms of Parkinson’s disease and hydrocephalus[] This medication does have significant side effects, including lowering magnesium and potassium levels in the blood, headache , swelling, and weight gain .[] She also complained of painless, progressive bilateral visual loss for several weeks.[]

  • Optic Nerve Glioma

    ) Clinical Course Generally: Large tumor More aggressive than other varieties MRI Biopsy Treatment Treatment of hydrocephalus with shunt Surgical resection if possible(rarely[] Hormonal problems, including abnormal growth, weight gain or loss, endocrine dysfunction (such as having to urinate frequently) or early puberty.[] Patient 2 is a 38-year-old man who presented with painless progressive visual loss in the left eye.[]

  • Susac Syndrome

    […] apnea ( Ondine's curse ) - Narcolepsy - Cataplexy - Kleine-Levin - Circadian rhythm sleep - Delayed sleep phase - Advanced sleep phase Other Intracranial hypertension : Hydrocephalus[] The biggest side-effects I have experienced have been weight gain from the steriods and cellcept, including swelling.[] […] and painless blurring of vision in the left eye.[]

  • Carcinomatosis

    The first patient in this report was a 54-year-old woman with recurrent aseptic meningitis and hydrocephalus.[] gain Loss of appetite Digestive problems like nausea and constipation Extreme tiredness Other conditions can cause these problems, too, so it’s important to see an experienced[] Visual loss may occur in up to 30% of these patients, usually rapid, painless, and unilateral, and often progressing to the other eye. 1 Only a few cases of meningeal carcinomatosis[]

  • Neurosarcoidosis

    hydrocephalus.[] A 22-year-old man was referred to the endocrinology service with profound weight gain, polyuria and lethargy.[] In general the visual loss is worse than that which is seen in optic neuritis, but it also tends to improve with adequate treatment.[]

  • Primary Congenital Glaucoma 3A

    […] ппп1 no indication for 3rd VS 3 4 6 40 5 41 2 95 пп240 ппTable 1 Determination of hydrocephalus gradeв Graded parameters not directly visible directly visible none slightly[] The weight-gain (1.66 0.06kg) in hyperlipidemic control rabbits was significantly higher (P 0.05) than weight-gain (0.80 0.02kg) in control rabbits fed with standard diet.[] Painless, slowly progressive visual loss; patients are generally unaware of the visual loss until late in the disease.[]

  • Meningeal Carcinomatosis

    Shunting systems, in conjunction with all of their variations, address the challenge of hydrocephalus in leptomeningeal carcinomatosis.[] Competition for glucose between malignant cells and neurons can lead to hypofunction in affected areas, such as in hypothalamic leukemia, in which weight gain in patients[] Visual loss may occur in up to 30% of these patients, usually rapid, painless, and unilateral, and often progressing to the other eye. 1 Only a few cases of meningeal carcinomatosis[]

  • Acute Cerebellar Ataxia

    […] end of the spectrum, presenting with acute cerebellar signs often overshadowed by alteration of consciousness, focal neurological deficits, raised intracranial pressure, hydrocephalus[] Too little of them can lead to a lethargy, weight gain, and weakness, amongst other symptoms.[] LHON is a mitochondrial disorder usually affecting men between the age of 15-35 years and presents with acute or subacute painless visual loss in one eye, the next eye following[]

  • Optic Nerve Injury

    […] orbit and is surrounded by dural lining and CSF; hence it directly communicates with the subarachnoid space and therefore allows transmission of increased pressure from hydrocephalus[] Other side effects include mood changes and weight gain. Nov. 04, 2016 References Osborne B, et al. Optic neuritis: Pathophysiology, clinical features, and diagnosis. .[] Middle-aged or elderly men are often affected and present with painless, slowly progressive, color distortion and visual loss in both eyes.[]

  • Chiasmal Syndrome

    Extension of craniopharyngiomas into the third ventricle may cause hydrocephalus . Meningiomas can develop from the arachnoid layer .[] . - 4 kg of weight gain for several months Medications: - Hormone replacement therapy patches - Sumatriptan 50mgm tablets for migraine.[] Progressive painless loss of peripheral field or central acuity (symmetric or asymmetric) may go unnoticed by many children as well as by some adults.[]

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