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249 Possible Causes for Hydronephrosis, Ureteral Stricture

  • Tuberculosis

    Drainage to the ureters can lead to inflammation with ureteral stricture.[] On renal imaging, she was found to have bilateral hydronephrosis and hydroureters in the setting of bilateral distal ureteric obstruction complicated with acute kidney injury[]

  • Schistosoma Hematobium Infection

    stricture and obstructions, cystitis, hydronephrosis and ultimately renal failure if left untreated.[] The bladder becomes calcified, and there is increased pressure on ureters and kidneys otherwise known as hydronephrosis.[] […] simulate urothelial carcinoma Symptoms are nonspecific; common symptoms are dysuria, suprapubic pain, microscopic hematuria and frequency Complications include hydroureter, hydronephrosis[]

  • Ureteral Stricture

    Ureteral stricture denotes stenosis of the ureteral lumen, most commonly due to iatrogenic causes, and symptoms of obstruction are most frequently observed.[] […] with hydronephrosis - N13.1 Stricture — See also Stenosis ureter (postoperative) - N13.5 with hydronephrosis - N13.1 See the ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines .[] We evaluated ureteral strictures diagnosed by magnetic resonance urography (MRU) at our institution. Children with ureteral stricture who underwent MRU were identified.[]

  • Renal Tuberculosis

    The most common single finding was ureteral stricture and dilation [Table - 1] A.[] An ultrasound (USG) examination of abdomen revealed grade 1 renal parenchyma changes and bilateral hydronephrosis.[] We report the case of a 44-year-old woman referred for hydronephrosis discovered on ultrasound performed due to flank pain.[]

  • Ureteral Injury

    It is critical to recognize and repair these injuries intraoperatively to decrease morbidity and prevent further complications, such as ureteral stricture, fistula formation[] The hydronephrosis resolved after temporary double-J-stenting.[] ureteral stricture in one.[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    stricture, not elsewhere classified N13.2 Hydronephrosis with renal and ureteral calculous obstruction Reimbursement claims with a date of service on or after October 1,[] Abscess o Emphysematous pyelonephritis § Most often occurs in diabetics · Can produce gas in the collecting system and renal parenchyma o Enlarged kidneys (U/S and CT) o Hydronephrosis[] Symptomatic physiologic hydronephrosis in pregnancy: incidence, complications and treatment. Eur Urol 2001;39:260-3. [Pubmed] 6. Ivanov Iv, Yovchevsky PL, Popov D.[]

  • Hydronephrosis

    Two required subsequent ureteroscopic stone extraction (1.8%), one of which also underwent endoureterotomy for a ureteral stricture.[] Hydronephrosis can also be diagnosed during pregnancy.[] It is due to ureteral strictures, lymphoceles (ureteral compression and bladder dysfunction).[]

  • Urethral Stricture

    Ureteral stents will be used for Ureteral strictures.[] Hydronephrosis and renal failure may also occur. A urethral stricture can cause enlargement and inflammation of the prostate.[] It will enable us to see if any hydronephrosis or dilation of the kidneys and urinary tract is present.[]

  • Pelvic Actinomycosis

    Simultaneous ureteric and rectal stricture due to pelvic actinomycosis is very rare and only a few cases of either rectal or ureteric stricture have been reported.[] The patient's postoperative course was uneventful except for persistent mild hydroureter and hydronephrosis.[] A computed tomographic scan showed bilateral cystic adnexal masses, bilateral hydronephrosis and hydroureter. Preoperatively, pelvic malignancy was suspected.[]

  • Ureterolithiasis

    Schistosomiasis affecting the ureter is commonly accompanied by ureteric dilatation with or without ureteric stricture and altered ureteric wall motility that can influence[] Hydronephrosis was identified in 193 patients (88.94%).[] Of the 110 patients, 91 (82.7%) had hydroureter, 88 (80%) had hydronephrosis, 65 (59%) had periureteric oedema and 63 (57.2%) had unilateral renal enlargement.[]

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