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91 Possible Causes for Hydrosalpinx, Vaginal Discharge

  • Fallopian Tube Disease

    Hydrosalpinx This disease involves blocking of fallopian tubes that are filled with clear or serous fluid.[] Other symptoms may include: vaginal discharge pain when peeing irregular periods or spotting Sometimes girls with PID have no symptoms. What Causes PID?[] Diagnosing Hydrosalpinx There are several ways to diagnose a hydrosalpinx.[]

  • Salpingitis

    Abstract Two years after a left salpingo-oophorectomy for a tuboovarian mass from endometriosis and a right salpingostomy for hydrosalpinx, a 28-year-old, infertile woman[] Smelly vaginal discharge is one of the most characteristic signs of salpingitis.[] Abstract A xanthogranulomatous salpingitis, occurring in a fifty-two year old patient and appearing itself as a hydrosalpinx, is reported.[]

  • Pyosalpinx

    The hydrosalpinx preexisted the UAE procedure and did not cause the patient any symptoms or signs of infection.[] On bacteriological analysis, Escherichia coli was isolated from the vaginal discharge and from the pus collected from the small pelvis.[] Symptoms include fever, vaginal discharge, and ... 1 ...[]

  • Hydrosalpinx

    Hydrosalpinx is often diagnosed with a HSP.[] Women with TOA present with fever and chills (50%), nausea (26%), vaginal discharge (28%), abnormal vaginal bleeding (21%), and acute lower abdominal pain (89%). 2 Women with[] If you have experienced trouble getting pregnant, or have pelvic pain and unusual vaginal discharge, Dr.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    The PID group was further divided into 23 hydrosalpinx and 15 pyosalpinx samples according to the pelvic mass collected during surgery, the former showing a richer bacterial[] Culture of the vaginal discharge revealed the presence of E. coli.[] Recognition of these findings, as well as those seen with cervicitis, endometritis, acute salpingitis, oophoritis, pyosalpinx, hydrosalpinx, tubo-ovarian abscess, and pyometra[]

  • Fallopian Tube Obstruction

    Eighty three percent of women with seropositivity had unilateral or bilateral hydrosalpinx and 75% of women had marked pelvic adhesions.[] Discharge It is important to note here that in some cases, these symptoms are not amply visible since few women can ovulate despite blocked Fallopian tubes .[] However, a small hydrosalpinx may be missed by sonography.[]

  • Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Power Doppler TVS revealed hyperemia in all women with acute PID, but in only two women with hydrosalpinx (P 0.01).[] The most frequent signs and symptoms were abnormal vaginal discharge (100%), adnexal tenderness (97.1%), cervical motion tenderness (94.3%) and fever 38.3 degrees C (82.9%[] Variables that were good predictors of acute pelvic inflammatory disease were purulent vaginal discharge, erythrocyte sedimentation rate greater than or equal to 15 mm/hr,[]

  • Kraurosis Vulvae

    […] cyst Follicular cyst of ovary Theca lutein cyst Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome Ovarian torsion Fallopian tube Female infertility Fallopian tube obstruction Hematosalpinx Hydrosalpinx[] A trichomoniasis vaginalis parasitic infection can lead to frothing, greenish-yellow, malodorous vaginal discharge.[] discharge and urine).[]

  • Adnexitis

    Accumulated in the lumen of the fallopian tube exudate can be transparent (hydrosalpinx) or purulent (piosalpinks). Adnexitis is unilateral and bilateral.[] Otherwise infection may recur after sex including uncomfortable burning and vaginal discharge.[] The accumulation transparent exudate in a lumen of the fallopian tube may cause the formation of hydrosalpinx, and the accumulation of pus - pyosalpinx.[]

  • Fallopian Tube Carcinoma

    […] fluid accumulation (P CONCLUSION: PFTC often appears as a small-sized solid mass, with a sausage-like shape, homogeneous signal, mild or moderate enhancement, hydrosalpinx[] discharge.[] Ipsilateral hydrosalpinx, intrauterine fluid collection, and ascites were found in 14 tumors (52%) and 7 (30%) and 5 (22%) patients, respectively.[]

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