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66 Possible Causes for Hyperactive Bowel Sounds, Recurrent Abdominal Pain

  • Food Allergy

    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of home remodeling and food allergy (FA) on the development of atopic dermatitis (AD) in children. Methods: The Modified International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood questionnaire was used to survey 4,111 children recruited from 3[…][]

  • Lactose Intolerance

    Most JHS children with dairy-associated recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) symptoms proved to be malabsorbers. Dairy products most related to RAP were milk and yogurt.[] Differential diagnosis Recurrent abdominal pain of childhood . Irritable bowel syndrome . Allergy to milk proteins or other constituents of milk.[]

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    The bowel sounds may vary depending on whether the patient has constipation (bowel sounds may be hypoactive) or diarrhea (bowel sounds may be hyperactive).[] Sixty two (62.5%) of the students with recurrent abdominal pain had IBS. IBS was more prevalent in the females compared to the males (p 0.000).[] Abstract Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional gastrointestinal tract disorder characterized by recurrent abdominal pain or discomfort, where the onset is associated[]

  • Recurrent Small Bowel Obstruction

    Signs Vital Sign s: Dehydration vs SIRS Criteria ( Sepsis ) Sinus Tachycardia Hypotension Bowel sounds Initial: High pitched, hyperactive bowel sounds Later: Hypoactive or[] A 3-dimensional CT scan was needed to explain the cause of the recurrent abdominal pain, and the small bowel loop was freed from the connecting tube at laparoscopy.[] Paraduodenal hernia presenting as unexplained recurrent abdominal pain. Am J Gastroenterol, 1999,94 : 3614-5. 2. Manji R., Warnock G. L.[]

  • Disaccharidase Deficiency

    A recent report indicated a high rate of disaccharidase deficiencies among children with recurrent abdominal pain.[] Question for pediatric gastroenterologists (first poll I’ve placed in this blog): Do you think disaccharidases are needed routinely for patients with abdominal pain in the[]

  • Giardiasis

    Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and vomiting. In chronic giardiasis the symptoms are recurrent and malabsorption and debilitation may occur.[]

  • Intestinal Tuberculosis

    Abdominal pain was the leading symptom followed by fever in features of intestinal obstruction.[] The most common symptoms are pain in the abdomen, loss of weight, anorexia, recurrent diarrhea, low grade fever, cough and distension of abdomen.[] Abdominal Lymph node TB – Dull or colicky abdominal pain, abdominal distension,weight loss, night sweats or fever, and evidence of abdominal lymphadenopathy on abdominal ultrasound[]

  • Intestinal Lymphoma

    pain, often intestinal perforation, sometimes prodrome of refractory celiac disease accompanied by ulceration (ulcerative jejunitis - UJ) Prognostic factors Treatment and[] Prognosis : Usually poor for both forms, with recurrences most frequently in the small intestine and death from abdominal complications superimposed on uncontrolled malabsorption[] Clinical features Childhood onset celiac disease in a minority of patients Adult onset celiac disease or celiac disease diagnosed simultaneously with lymphoma in most patients Abdominal[]

  • Zollinger Ellison Syndrome

    Symptoms Zollinger Ellison syndrome is characterized by the following symptoms: abdominal pain ; diarrhea ; recurrent stomach ulcers; nausea and vomiting; gastrointestinal[] […] nephrolithiasis and chronic lower back pain presents to the ER with severe, sudden-onset, upper abdominal pain.[] Symptoms may include: Abdominal pain Heartburn Nausea or vomiting Fatigue Diarrhea Weight loss Blood in the vomit or stool You will be asked about your symptoms and medical[]

  • Tropical Sprue

    Tropical sprue is a rare acquired disease, probably of infectious etiology, characterized by malabsorption and megaloblastic anemia. Diagnosis is clinical and by small-bowel biopsy. Treatment is with tetracycline and folate for 6 mo. Tropical sprue occurs chiefly in the Caribbean, southern India, and Southeast Asia,[…][]

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