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1,350 Possible Causes for Hyperbiliverdinemia, Vegetative State

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

    […] dystrophy type III Granular-lattice corneal dystrophy Granulomatosis with polyangiitis Gravidic intrahepatic cholestasis Gray platelet syndrome Gräsbeck-Imerslund disease Green[] state) or were too ill to travel.[] Disease course was severe; all patients were in a vegetative state by the second decade of life, and eventually die prematurely (except in one case).[]

  • Cerebral Thrombosis

    INTRODUCTION: The propositus - a two-week-old boy - was transferred to our university hospital for investigation of increased head circumference and full fontanel. On ultrasound, thrombosis of the right internal cerebral vein and intraventricular haemorrhage was diagnosed, confirmed by MRI. Family history revealed[…][]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Brain Stem Infarction

    For six years, she was believed to be in a vegetative state. In 1972, a family member noticed her trying to smile after she heard a joke.[] (October 2011) In children, the most common cause is a stroke of the ventral pons. [7] Unlike persistent vegetative state, in which the upper portions of the brain are damaged[]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage

    None of our patients developed the 'vegetative state'.[] Table 2 Summary of results Resolution of hydrocephalus (CT scan) 100 93.8 Final Clinical Outcome (Glasgow Outcome Scale) at 6 months Death 55.5 6.3 Vegetative state - - Severe[]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Parkinson's Disease

    […] and 239 controls) in a case-control study in western Washington State. b All assessed edible Solanaceae: green, yellow or red peppers, tomatoes, tomato juice, and baked or[] Fig. 1 Parkinson disease risk associated with each additional serving of edible Solanaceaea and other vegetables [ 86 ]. a Among never-used-tobacco participants (241 PD cases[]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Brain Death

    vegetative state.[] What's the Legal Meaning of Persistent Vegetative State?[] The types of severe brain injuries that raise these difficult questions often fall somewhere along the spectrum of persistent vegetative state and brain death .[]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Brain Stem Hemorrhage

    Clinical manifestations may include OCULAR MOTILITY DISORDERS; ATAXIA; PARALYSIS; PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE; and COMA. [ ] Tree view Term history Term info database cross[] The outcomes included a good recovery in 13 patients (6.1%), moderate disability in 27 (12.7%), severe disability in 27 (12.7%), a vegetative state in 23 (10.8%), and death[] state.[]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Acute Hepatic Porphyria

    Ceccaldi PF, Bazin A, Gomis P, Ducarme G, Chaufer AL, Gabriel R: Persistent vegetative state with encephalitis in a pregnant woman with successful fetal outcome.[]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Coma

    This paper reviews fourteen studies that evaluate the efficacy of sensory stimulation treatment for patients in coma and vegetative states.[] state.[] After an operation to relieve the pressure on her brain, she gradually woke up, but only to what’s been called a “living death” – a condition known as a persistent vegetative[]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia
  • Intrapontine Hemorrhage

    This volume provides a comprehensive guide to the manifestations and pathogenesis involved with stroke, including advancements in research and a newfound understanding of the biochemical background of this cerebrovascular disorder. This intensive handbook is meant to give clinicians a source reference that will[…][]

    Missing: Hyperbiliverdinemia

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