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146 Possible Causes for Hypercellular Bone Marrow, Neutrophil Count Increased

  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

    […] of 10K WBC count of 147K and platelet count of 740K Promyelocyte, myelocytes, neutrophils and 2 basophils Chronic phase - bone marrow biopsy: Hypercellular marrow with panmyeloid[] […] of neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils Megakaryocytes are prominent and may be increased Mild reticulin fibrosis The goals of treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia are[] Because most of the circulating cells in patients with CML in chronic phase are mature neutrophils, even those with hyperleukocytosis (WBC count greater than 100,000/μl) often[]

  • Polycythemia Vera

    […] platelet count, an abnormally increased neutrophil count, radiological evidence of splenomegaly, and abnormally low serum erythropoietin.[] bone marrow 5.[] You have PV if you have an absolute erythrocytosis for which there is no alternative cause plus one or more of the following: an enlarged spleen increase in neutrophil (type[]

  • Chronic Phase of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

    […] of 10K WBC count of 147K and platelet count of 740K Promyelocyte, myelocytes, neutrophils and 2 basophils Chronic phase - bone marrow biopsy: Hypercellular marrow with panmyeloid[] A bone marrow biopsy and aspiration demonstrated a hypercellular marrow with no other significant morphologic abnormalities.[] marrow Early myeloid cells (eg, myeloblasts, myelocytes, metamyelocytes, nucleated red blood cells) Bone marrow findings Ph chromosome (a reciprocal translocation of chromosomal[]

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    Main feature: gradual increase in leukocyte count See too many neutrophils at various stages of maturation, granulocytosis with all granulocytic precursors, and there is characteristic[] The chronic myeloproliferative diseases are characterized by relatively effective hematopoiesis, which results in a hypercellular bone marrow and elevation of one or more[] Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Patients may present with splenomegaly, but more commonly CML is detected with increased WBC count and percent neutrophils in asymptomatic patients[]

  • Sickle Cell Disease

    […] in increments of 5 mg per kg per day every 8 weeks Give until mild myelosuppression is achieved (absolute neutrophil count 2,000 to 4,000 per μL [2.0 10 9 to 4.0 10 9 per[] […] hydroxyurea at a dosage of 5 mg per kg per day lower than the dosage given before onset of cytopenia If dose escalation is warranted based on clinical and laboratory findings: Increase[]

  • Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

    A young female presented with acute abdominal pain of two days duration consistent with acute pancreatitis. During her stay in the hospital she had a sudden drop in hemoglobin to 6 g/dl without any overt blood loss. On evaluation, it was evident that she had acute pancreatitis, in addition to displaying features of[…][]

  • Fetal Erythroblastosis

    Small for gestational age and birth asphyxia are associated with neonatal transient hyperinsulinism (THI). Some newborns with THI showed marked erythroblastosis on admission to our neonatal intensive care unit. This study was designed to test our hypothesis that fetal erythroblastosis may be a risk factor for[…][]

  • Danazol

    10 9 /L neutrophil count increase) was observed in 79, 81, 78, and 83 percent of patients after two, six, 12, and 24 months of treatment, respectively.[] A 53-year-old female presented with pancytopenia, macrocytosis, and hypercellular bone marrow with erythroid hyperplasia and dysplasia and 10% ringed sideroblasts.[] In the VSAA group, the mean absolute neutrophil count increased to 3.1   4.7   10 9 /L after 2 weeks, and a plateau was reached thereafter.[]

  • Gamma Globulin

    The patients with increased neutrophil count and CRP concentration after IVGG therapy also had CAL formation at a high rate (78.3% and 66.7%, respectively).[] Affected patients have hyperviscosity and hypercellular bone marrow with extensive infiltration by lymphoplasma cells.[] The need for more aggressive therapy in IVGG-resistant cases can be recognized early by increases in the WBC and neutrophil counts and serum CRP concentration after IVGG administration[]

  • Felty's Syndrome

    The neutrophil count increased by 6 weeks and was normal at 3 months.[] bone marrow.[] In patient 1, there was a dramatic increase in neutrophil counts after starting treatment with HCQ alone.[]

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