19 Possible Causes for Hyperchloremia in USA

    • Hyperchloremia

      Hyperchloremia can affect oxygen transport. … Often hyperchloremia does not produce any symptoms. … Hyperchloremia is often comorbid with diabetes or hyponatremia.[1]

    • Cadmium Poisoning

      Another side effect is increased levels of chloride in the blood (hyperchloremia).[2]

    • Metabolic Acidosis

      Routine categorization of metabolic acidosis based on high AG or hyperchloremia alone may be misleading. … Metabolic acidosis results from either a high AG and diminished bicarbonate or hyperchloremia with a normal AG. … Twenty-five percent of dogs and 34% of cats with metabolic acidosis could not be classified as having either hyperchloremia or high AG.[3]

    • Electrolyte Imbalance

      Applicable To Electrolyte imbalance NOS Hyperchloremia Hypochloremia Approximate Synonyms Electrolyte imbalance Fluid volume disorder ICD-10-CM E87.8 is grouped within Diagnostic … High concentrations of chloride, called hyperchloremia, can be caused by kidney failure, kidney dialysis, and an overproduction of parathyroid hormone. … In people with diabetes, hyperchloremia makes it difficult to control blood glucose levels Hypochloremia often occurs along with hypona-tremia or hypokalemia and is caused[4] [5]

    • Renal Tubular Acidosis

      […] acidosis , secondary renal tubular acidosis . renal tubular acidosis (RTA) an abnormal condition associated with persistent dehydration, metabolic acidosis, hypokalemia, hyperchloremia … […] when the blood pH is , tubular acidification occurs normally; when plasma bicarbonate normalizes, type II RTA wastes bicarbonate, causing metabolic acidosis, as well as hyperchloremia … […] infants with renal bicarbonate wasting, now considered a type I RTA subtype Type IV RTA Generalized–nonselective distal RTA, due to aldosterone deficiency or antagonism; hyperchloremia[6]

    • Acidosis

      Types Elevated Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis Hyperchloremic Metabolic Acidosis (normal Anion Gap ) See Hyperchloremia III. … Causes: Metabolic Acidosis and Normal Anion Gap (Hyperchloremia) Hypokalemia with Metabolic Acidosis Diarrhea Ureteral diversion Uretero-sigmoidostomy Ileal Bladder Ileal … […] nonrespiratory acidosis a disturbance in which the acid-base status shifts toward the acid because of loss of base or retention of noncarbonic, or fixed (nonvolatile), acids. renal hyperchloremia[7] [8]

    • Ammonium Chloride

      Defined Metabolic acidosis Rash EEG abnormalities Seizure Mental confusion Drowsiness Injection site reactions Ammonia toxicity symptoms Calcium-deficient tetany Hypokalemia Hyperchloremia[9]

    • Acetazolamide

      Hyperchloremia and/or metabolic acidosis can result from an increase in plasma chloride concentrations. … […] situations in which sodium and/or potassium blood serum levels are depressed, in cases of marked kidney and liver disease or dysfunction, in suprarenal gland failure, and in hyperchloremia[10] [11]

    • Fanconi Syndrome

      […] renal tubular acidosis are: Polyuria, polydipsia and dehydration Hypophosphatemic rickets (in children) and osteomalacia (in adults) Growth failure Acidosis Hypokalemia Hyperchloremia … Failure to thrive Acidosis Low blood potassium (hypokalemia) High blood chloride (hyperchloremia) Symptoms of the generalized proximal renal tubule dysfunction seen in Fanconi … […] which stimulates sodium reabsorption in exchange for potassium leading to hypokalemia contraction of the extracellular volume stimulates chloride reabsorption resulting in hyperchloremia[12] [13] [14]

    • Celecoxib

      […] ecchymosis, neutropenia, leukopenia, pancytopenia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis, granulocytopenia, aplastic anemia, bone marrow depression Hepatic: hepatotoxicity Metabolic: hyperchloremia[15]

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