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37 Possible Causes for Hyperconvex Nails, Widely Spaced Nipples

  • Turner Syndrome

    […] intermamillary distance Wide-spaced nipples Widely spaced nipples Widely-spaced nipples [ more ] 0006610 30%-79% of people have these symptoms Anxiety Excessive, persistent[] Residual lymphedema, webbed neck, cubitus valgus, hyperconvex nails, shield chest, abnormal nipples, pigmented nevi, short fourth metacarpal and shorter height were the best[] Hands - short 4th/5th metacarpals, short fingers, forearm and carpal developmental abnormalities; nail hypoplasia, hyperconvex nails, nail-fold oedema.[]

  • Mosaic Monosomy X

    spaced nipples niple hypoplasia (hypoplastic nipples) axillary air absent aortic anomalies ( 12640386 ) aortic coarctation aortic cystic medial necrosis dissecting aneurysms[] […] chest and widely spaced nipples arms that turn out slightly at the elbow congenital heart defects or heart murmur scoliosis (curving of the spine) or other skeletal abnormalities[] * Hyperconvex nails * Deep set nails Causes - Monosomy X Normally in reproduction, the egg cell of the mother and the sperm cell of the father start out with the usual number[]

  • Fetal Hydantoin Syndrome

    (Fig.1) The baby also had widely spaced small nipple with absent areola and hirisutism.[] The nails generally reflect the size and shape of the underlying distal phalanx (e.g., hypoplastic nail, narrow hyperconvex nail, short broad nail). Figure 1.100.[] spaced small nipples.[]

  • Familial Short Stature

    spaced nipples, pectus excavatum or carinatum, breast development Genitourinary – accurate Tanner staging Anthropometry Growth charts are very helpful for assessing growth[] .  Webbed neck Short metacarpals Shield shaped chest Hyperconvex finger n toe nails Cubitus valgus with wide carrying angle of arms Gonadal dysgenesis with incomplete[] spaced nipples.[]

  • Short stature-Valvular Heart Disease-Characteristic Facies Syndrome

    spaced nipples Pectus excavatum or pectus carinatum (up to 90% have both, usually pectus carinatum superiorly and pectus excavatum inferiorly) Scoliosis As patients age,[] […] hypoplasia, hyperconvex uplifted nails, multiple pigmented nevi, characteristic facies, short 4th metacarpal, high arched palate, or chronic otitis media.” 24 PWS is a rare[] For example: A broad chest with widely spaced nipples. A wide carrying angle (this is the angle between the forearm and the hip when the arm is held by the side).[]

  • Mosaic Trisomy 1

    […] nose base, a long philtrum, a thin upper lip, a high-arched palate, a bifid uvula, widely spaced nipples, and deep palmar and plantar creases ( Figures 1a-1c ).[] Abnormalities of hands and feet: polydactyly (extra fingers or toes), small hyperconvex nails and rocker-bottom feet [ 4 ] .[] Skeletal neck - webbed chest - short sternum, widely spaced nipples hips - small pelvis, congenital dislocation of the hips, limited hip abduction extremities - phocomelia[]

  • Renal Malrotation

    Chest - broad chest, pectus excavatum, inverted, hypoplastic, widely-spaced nipples. Joints - cubitus valgus, congenital hip dislocation.[] Hands - short 4th/5th metacarpals, short fingers, forearm and carpal developmental abnormalities; nail hypoplasia, hyperconvex nails, nail-fold oedema.[]

  • Ulnar Mammary Syndrome

    spaced nipples.[] Dermatologic: Most patients have hypertrichosis, redundant nuchal skin, hypoplastic nipples, hyperconvex nails and hypoplastic dermal ridges.[] DESCRIPTION CS presented shortly after birth with absent left third, fourth, and fifth fingers, a flexed left elbow with an antecubital pterygium, and hypoplastic inverted, widely[]

  • Hidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

    The incisors and canine teeth were peg shaped and widely spaced [Figure - 1] . Palm, sole and nails were normal.[] Skin Palmoplantar keratoderma with transgradiens Nails Dystrophy thickened, milky white early on, micronychia, hyperconvex, longitudinal striations, discolored, brittle, absent[] External genitalia, nipples and mental development were normal. Other systemic examination including CNS were normal. Other siblings were normal.[]

  • Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome

    spaced nipples Hypoplasia or duplication of thumbs and great toes Talipes equinovarus Hypoplasia of pubic bones Vertebral and rib anomalies Defective calvaria ossification[] [] Skin Hyperconvex Nails In the hands, notable features include dermal ridges, simian crease in the palms, and hyperconvex nails .[] A short, sometimes webbed neck, a low posterior hair line and a broad chest with widely spaced nipples or pectus excavatum are frequent signs which can be evocative of Turner[]

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