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19 Possible Causes for Hyperglobulinemia, Sacroiliac Arthritis, X-Ray Abnormal

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Diagnosis requires showing sacroiliitis on x-ray.[] Arthritis in the hips and shoulders may also occur.[] Further clues to the diagnosis are suggested by X-ray abnormalities of the spine and the presence of the genetic marker HLA-B27 identified by a blood test.[]

  • Brucellosis

    Ultrasound and/or X-rays may help show abnormalities in the prostate and/or testicles, and inflammation of the spine in cases of discospondylitis.[]

  • Whipple Disease

    , and there may be ankylosing spondylitis in the sacroiliac joint. 67 Synovial biopsy and synovial fluid examination show mild non-specific inflammatory changes.[] […] brain biopsy under local anaesthetic, a procedure that is minimally invasive. 26 If there is skeletal involvement, radiology of the hand may show changes, as in rheumatoid arthritis[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    […] relapsing course, sacroiliitis, spondylitis, iritis or aortitis elevated serum globulins, especially IgA directed against specific bacterium triggering disease Imaging studies: x-ray[] The clinical pattern of reactive arthritis commonly consists of an inflammation of fewer than five joints which often includes the knee or sacroiliac joint.[] X-rays of the joints outside the back do not usually reveal any abnormalities unless the patient has had recurrent episodes of the disease.[]

  • Sarcoidosis

    This sample can help doctors understand what’s causing your symptoms and abnormal x-ray results.[] Sacroiliac joint involvement is rare in patients with sarcoidosis [ Erb et al. 2005 ]. The literature data are limited.[] Although more than 90% of people with sarcoidosis will have abnormal x-rays, many other conditions can cause abnormal x-rays too.[]

  • Lymphoma

    When radiation is used at high doses—much higher than the amount used to obtain x-ray images—it can destroy abnormal cells that cause cancer.[] 723.5 Stiff-baby 759.89 Stiff-man syndrome 333.91 Stiffness, joint NEC 719.50 ankle 719.57 back 724.8 elbow 719.52 finger 719.54 hip 719.55 knee 719.56 multiple sites 719.59 sacroiliac[] Radiation therapy uses high energy x-rays (photons) or a stream of particles.[]

  • Psoriatic Arthritis

    […] that is usually positive in patients with rheumatoid arthritis) Genetic susceptibility to the condition Distinctive features on X-rays Increased prevalence in males.[] Unlike psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis does not typically involve inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.[] […] similar to rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis mutilans, a rare type of arthritis that destroys and deforms joints Psoriatic spondylitis, arthritis of the sacroiliac sac (in the[]

  • Juvenile Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Further clues to the diagnosis are suggested by X-ray abnormalities of the spine and the presence of the genetic marker HLA-B27 identified by a blood test.[] […] or enthesitis along with two or more of the following: Inflammation of sacroiliac joints or pain and stiffness in the lumbosacral region Positive test for HLA-B27 Arthritis[] This is very true in children, where lower back pain, sacroiliitis and abnormal X-ray findings are less common in the early stages.[]

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    Repeated upper GI endoscopy showed no abnormality in the gastric remnant ( Figure 3 ). CT scan and chest X-ray showed no abnormality either ( Figure 4 ).[] Strobel and colleagues [ 28 ] evaluated the performance of FDG-PET/CT for the diagnosis of sacroiliac joint (SIJ) arthritis in patients with active AS by using patients with[] However, imaging tests such as x-rays of the shoulder or hips are not often helpful. These tests may reveal joint damage that is not related to recent symptoms.[]

  • Septic Arthritis

    […] monitor the condition Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) or C-reactive protein (CRP) – to detect inflammation; useful in following response to therapy Non-laboratory tests: X-ray[] What are some of the salient features of septic arthritis when it involves the sternoclavicular or sacroiliac joints?[] […] in relatively sequestered areas such as the hip and sacroiliac joints.[]

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