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3,524 Possible Causes for Hyperglycemia, Jaw Dystonia, Pleural Effusion on Chest X-Ray

  • Acute Pancreatitis

    Ileus, loss of psoas shadow, sentinel loop, pancreatic calcification, and calcified gallstones Chest X-ray Pleural effusions (usually on left) and pulmonary infiltrates Chest[] Though the symptoms were rapidly relieved after initiation of treatment, severe hyperglycemia (575 mg/dL), severe metabolic acidosis (pH 6.9), and ketonuria developed at four[] Hyperglycemia develops rather often in the early phase of acute pancreatitis, mainly in patients with severe disease [1–3].[]

    Missing: Jaw Dystonia
  • Meigs Syndrome

    […] or jaw dystonia (Oromandibular).[] Her post-operative recovery was uneventful with complete resolution of her symptoms as well as her pleural effusion on chest X-ray.[] Symptoms that do not respond sufficiently to these changes, such as persistent hypertension or hyperglycemia, are treated with drugs (e.g., ACE inhibitors, metformin ).[]

  • Pulmonary Embolism

    He still experienced pleural effusion and had symptoms of cough and shortness of breath. Chest X-ray demonstrated bilateral pleural effusion.[] Chest computed tomography (CT) angiography demonstrated left lower pulmonary embolism.[]

    Missing: Jaw Dystonia
  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia

    According to the World Health Organization, pneumonia should be diagnosed by the identification of alveolar consolidation or pleural effusion on the chest X-ray. 2 Symptoms[] Pleural effusion may contribute to chest pain and make breathing difficult. Chest x-rays are taken to look for signs of pneumonia.[] The chest X-ray showed a white lung on the left and the transthoracic ultrasound revealed a pericardial effusion, resulting in pericardial drainage and pleural puncture that[]

    Missing: Jaw Dystonia
  • General Anesthesia

    Following emergence, he had trismus and jaw discomfort.[] In his chest X-ray, total atelectasis was determined in the left lung. Pleural effusion was ruled out with thoracic ultrasonography.[] X-ray was followed in SICU 46.[]

  • Paraneoplastic Syndrome

    Paraneoplastic jaw dystonia and laryngospasm with antineuronal nuclear autoantibody type 2 (anti-Ri). Arch Neurol. 2010;67(9):1109–15. PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 7.[] Refractory hyperglycemia may be due to glucagon -producing pancreatic tumors.[] Less common features include movement disorders, such as parkinsonism, chorea, jaw opening dystonia, and myoclonus.[]

    Missing: Pleural Effusion on Chest X-Ray
  • Pleural Effusion

    Compared with chest X-rays, CT scans make more detailed information of pleural effusions and other abnormalities of the lungs.[] This observation was not unexpected because trauma has been shown to cause hyperglycemia [ 16 ].[] […] on chest X ray en " Effusions of fancy by a very young girl in a style entirely new. " hr Bio vam je dobar prijatelj?[]

    Missing: Jaw Dystonia
  • Chronic Pancreatitis

    Chest X-ray showed a large right-sided pleural effusion.[] Patients should undergo screening tests in order to detect hyperglycemia early.[] […] pain and dyspnea persisted, he went to the hospital Laboratory Tests: Elevated pleural amylase Medical Imaging: Chest x-rays revealed a massive right-sided hemorrhagic pleural[]

    Missing: Jaw Dystonia
  • Chylothorax

    On the next day, a plain chest X-ray image showed pleural effusion of the right side of his chest.[] Besides minor side-effects including transient hyperglycemia (45%), abdominal distension (3%), and tachycardia ( 150 beats·min -1 ; 10%), no patient developed a significant[] At 16 days of age, chest X-ray demonstrated a pleural effusion in the left thoracic cavity ( Figure 1 ).[]

    Missing: Jaw Dystonia
  • Congenital Chylothorax

    Saturation of oxygen was 80% and right-sided pleural effusion was present in chest X-ray (Figure 1).[] During octreotide therapy, monitoring done for liver and renal function, hyperglycemia, and electrolyte imbalance.[] Transient, self-resolving, hyperglycemia was reported in one patient (8).[]

    Missing: Jaw Dystonia

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