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5 Possible Causes for Hyperkeratosis of Lateral Border of Tongue

  • Hairy Leukoplakia

    Hairy leukoplakia almost always occurs on the lateral borders of the tongue and manifests histologically as hyperkeratosis, hyperparakeratosis, or acanthosis of the oral mucosa[] Mild oral hairy leukoplakia of the lateral border of the right side of tongue in a 44-year-old HIV-seropositive female.[] Hairy Leukoplakia, also known as Oral Hairy Leukoplakia, refers to a characteristic lesion of the tongue which manifests grossly as white patches with a corrugated ('hairy[]

  • White Sponge Nevus

    Erythema migrans (geographic tongue, benign migratory glossitis) Multiple red patches with irregular yellow-white border; dorsal lateral tongue; lesions migrate; usually asymptomatic[] Hyperkeratosis May resolve spontaneously.[]

  • Leukoplakia

    ‘Hairy leukoplakia typically presents as bilateral corrugated, painless white thickening found on the lateral borders of the tongue, sometimes with hairy projections.’[] ‘Most leukoplakias are caused by hyperkeratosis or a thickening of the outer keratin layer.’[]

  • Orofacial Dyskinesia

    The lateral borders of her tongue exhibited hyperkeratosis, presumable resulting from her frictional abrasion against her tongue rolling and protrusion.[] The intra oral examination exhibited peculiar smacking of her lips and protruding of her tongue. There was no infection; her lips and tongue were tender to palpation.[]

  • Gingival Fibromatosis-Progressive Deafness Syndrome

    It is almost always situated on the lateral border of the tongue. 5.[] Hyperkeratosis is usually a reaction to repeated micro trauma and irritants such as smoking or alcohol intake. 1. Hairy leukoplakia denotes immunocompromise. 3.[]

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