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5 Possible Causes for Hyperkeratosis Over Affected Area

  • Lymphedema

    Radial enlargement, however, is usually progressive if treatment is not instituted. 24 With time, skin changes are seen over the affected area; the skin becomes thicker (hyperkeratosis[]

  • Hereditary Lymphedema Type 1D

    over affected area papillomatosis over affected area fibrosis over affected area cellulitis over affected area deep skin creases in toes Skin Nails Hair Nails: dysplastic[] […] dysplasia 33 HP:0100797 5 hydrocele testis 33 HP:0000034 Symptoms via clinical synopsis from OMIM: 58 Genitourinary External Genitalia Male: hydrocele Skin Nails Hair Skin: hyperkeratosis[]

  • Arsenical Keratosis

    Besides, using blood for measurement has advantages over urine as creatinine adjustment is not necessary and blood is less affected by renal function.[] Diagnosis confirmation Hyperkeratosis and hyperpigmentation are non-specific cutaneous findings.[] In at-risk areas, low threshold for investigations of possible arsenic dermatosis should be considered. Who is at Risk for Developing this Disease?[]

  • Jadassohn-Lewandowsky Syndrome

    Hyperkeratosis of palms, soles, knees and elbowsappearing in the 2nd or 3rd year of life (the solelesions occur over weight-bearing areas and makewalking painful).[] Clinical features include: Onychogryphosis (abnormally thick trumpet-shapednails particularly affecting the thumb and rstnger, and toe nails).[]

  • Ichthyosis Hystrix Gravior

    His face was affected the most and over trunk we found a few spared areas with normal looking skin.[] However, he had severe subungual hyperkeratosis and onychogryphosis in most of the nails.[]

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