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549 Possible Causes for Hypernatremia, Hypoglycemia

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Results: AGE constituted 18% of the total admissions. 22% had Hyponatremia, 71.5% had Isonatremia and 6.5% had Hypernatremia.[] ORT DEFINITION OF ORT FAILURE 1 emesis after Ondansetron Refusal to take from syringe/cup for 30 minutes HYPOGLYCEMIA Defined as glucose 70 in all ages Give 2mL/kg of D10W[] […] complications like extravasation and thrombophlebitis CON: Generally, when we write for accompanying fluids for the IV, we write “NS 20ml/kg”… this will do nothing for the child’s hypoglycemia[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    Its release will lead to hypernatremia and hypokalemia, once stimulated by ACTH, elevated potassium levels, and/or the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS).[] However, the risk for hypoglycemia was not increased.[] In this situation, the Synacthen test can give a false normal result, and if this adrenal insufficiency is strongly suspected, an insulin hypoglycemia test or metyrapone ([]

  • Bicarbonate

    We should keep in mind that acute hypernatremia and CPM can be associated with intravenous sodium bicarbonate therapy, and that CPM due to acute hypernatremia may be effectively[] In the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), the aggressive management of hyperglycemia, avoidance of hypoglycemia, and anticipation of the diabetic systemic complications[] We report a case of iatrogenic severe hypernatremia (sodium 207 mEq/L) and severe metabolic acidosis (pH 6.65) that resulted due to accidental use of inappropriate bicarbonate[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Previous case reports suggest hypoglycemia and faster than normal rates of alcohol elimination found in children with acute alcohol intoxication compared with adults, but[] Hypernatremia was present in five children.[] Madison LL (1968) Ethanol induced hypoglycemia. Adv Metab Disord 3: 85–109 Google Scholar 47.[]

  • Adrenocortical Carcinoma

    Six months after surgery, she showed signs of hypertension recurrence accompanied by hypokalemia (serum potassium: 2.9 mEq/l) and hypernatremia (serum sodium: 150 mEq/l).[] […] clinical symptoms are associated with glucocorticoid excess: weight gain, weakness, and insomnia develop rapidly, hypertension, hypokalemia related to hyperaldosteronism, and hypoglycemia[] Other modes of presentation include profound weakness, hypertension, and/or ileus from hypokalemia related to hyperaldosteronism and hypoglycemia.[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    , positional asphyxia or suffocation by inhalation of vomit, exposure to cold coupled with alcohol-induced hypothermia, as well as various metabolic disturbances such as hypoglycemia[] Alcoholism & Hypoglycemia Alcoholism is the enhanced consumption of ethanol ( 120ml/day) and hypoglycemia is a condition where there is decreased blood glucose levels ( [[] Alcohol can also cause hypoglycemia in alcoholics.[]

  • Heat Stroke

    Hyperkalemia and hypoglycemia may occur. Classic heatstroke takes 2 to 3 days of exposure to develop.[]

  • Chlorpropamide

    Urinary excretion of chlorpropamide and hypoglycemia persisted until day 27. The toxic mechanisms and high risk of chlorpropamide are summarized.[] Two patients with hypodipsia and hypernatremia are described.[] Of 17 cases studied by them, 6 showed hypoglycemia within 48 and 96 hours after the beginning of therapy.[]

  • Valproic Acid

    We present here a newborn with episodic hypoglycemia due to in utero exposure to VPA and PH.[] […] utero, exposure to valproic acid (VPA) and phenytoin (PH) may cause congenital malformations and also withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, jitteriness and symptoms of hypoglycemia[]

  • Panhypopituitarism

    Hypoglycemia and cholestasis resolved with treatment of the underlying panhypopituitarism.[] A 34-yr-old woman with primary APS presented with polyuria, polydipsia, hypernatremia and impaired vision.[] She had headache, vision disturbance, polyuria, polydipsia, hypernatremia, diabetes insipidus and a pituitary lesion with findings compatible with apoplexy.[]

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