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353 Possible Causes for Hypernatremia, Hypokalemia, Polyuria

  • Conn Syndrome

    Hypernatremia, hypervolemia and hypokalemia are common.[] […] pri·mar·y al·dos·ter·on·ism an adrenocortical disorder caused by excessive secretion of aldosterone and characterized by headaches, nocturia, polyuria, fatigue, hypertension[] […] a cause of primary hyperaldosteronism and is the result of an aldosterone producing adenoma (APA) aldosterone secretion,supressed renin activity, hypernatremia, HTN hypokalemia[]

  • Diabetic Ketotic Coma

    […] also eliminates ketone bodies (2) insulin – turn off gluconeogenesis/glycogenolysis [K ] must be carefully monitored, since insulin causes K to enter cells – hyperkalemia Þ hypokalemia[] Aggressive potassium replacement early in the management has been shown to minimize the risk of hypokalemia.[] Hypernatremia often contributes additionally to plasma hyperosmolarity. The pathogenesis of these component abnormalities is considered.[]

  • Iatrogenic Cushing's Disease

    The weakness in patients with CS is aggravated by associated hypokalemia which is due to increased mineralocorticoid activity.[] Increased free cortisol Decreased serum ACTH Hypothesis: Iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome Additional Learning issues: Pathophysiology of some Cushing’s disease clinical features Polyuria[] The most common findings were polyuria and polydipsia in 30 dogs (75.0%) consisted of 15 iatrogenic (71.4%) and 15 spontaneous (78.9%) cases, and alopecia in 25 dogs (62.5%[]

  • Cushing's Disease

    Tw o also demonstrated personality changes, hypertension and hypokalemia, the last of these being rarely reported in patients with Cushing's disease.[] Nine days postpartum, the patient was still unable to move in her bed, complained of strong thirst, and had hypotonic polyuria (8,900 mL/day).[] The course of the disease was fatal, the patient died due to severe hypokalemia.[]

  • Diabetes Insipidus

    An adult male with metastatic medullary thyroid cancer presented with hyperglycemia, hypernatremia, hypokalemia, hypertension, acne-like rash, and diabetes insipidus (urine[] Several months after delivery, discontinuation of desmopressin resulted in recurrence of her polyuria.[] Hypernatremia was corrected by scheduled water intake with desmopressin administration.[]

  • Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

    After the cessation of amphotericin B, the hypokalemia and polyuria resolved promptly.[] Polyuria will continue as long as the patient is able to drink.[] The patient was found to have profound hypernatremia and severe hypercalcemia with normal parathyroid and vitamin D serum levels.[]

  • Metabolic Alkalosis

    Hypokalemia seen with heat stress is secondary to sweat as well as renal potassium wasting.[] In most patients, the symptom of muscle weakness and polyuria occur early in life, which may be attributed to potassium depletion.[] CONCLUSIONS: Hypernatremia is accompanied by metabolic alkalosis and an increase in pH.[]

  • Hyperaldosteronism

    A 65-year-old seemingly well male patient was referred to our clinic under the suspicion of hyperaldosteronism due to hypertension combined with hypokalemia.[] This case report describes a 44-yr-old man with a 4-month history of anorexia, polyuria, polydipsia and weight loss of 25 kg who presented with diabetic ketoacidosis.[] Review Topic QID: 104337 1 Metabolic acidosis, hypernatremia, hyperkalemia 2 Metabolic acidosis, hyponatremia, hyperkalemia 3 Metabolic acidosis, hypernatremia, hypokalemia[]

  • Hypernatremia

    Hypernatremia and hypokalemia were gradually corrected by intentional water intake only.[] We present a case to illustrate the importance of emphasizing elementary physiology to deduce the basis for the acute onset of polyuria and hypernatremia.[] There are several common causes of hypernatremia (see Principal Causes of Hypernatremia ).[]

  • Hypokalemic Nephropathy

    Certain herbal products, like licorice and gan cao may be causative for hypokalemia.[] Hypokalemia can lead to a renal concentrating defect leading to polyuria and polydipsia- DI 2.[] Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by the parents of Terri Schiavo, Hypokalemia (low calcium - including hypokalemic nephropathy) Hyponatremia (low sodium), (rarely) hypernatremia[]

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