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1,456 Possible Causes for Hypertension, Slurred Speech

  • Stroke

    This has been reported in particular in the initial treatment of very severe hypertension, and occasionally in the elderly hypertensive.[] Slurred speech or dysarthria Double vision or other vision problems A headache Nausea and or vomiting 2017 Fast Parody Video When it comes to spotting stroke and getting help[] The signs of a stroke include a sudden severe headache, weakness, numbness, vision problems, confusion, trouble walking or talking, dizziness and slurred speech.[]

  • Phencyclidine Intoxication

    The prevalent clinical signs and symptoms were the following: retrograde amnesia, nystagmus, hypertension, and psychomotor agitation.[] Other effects include numbness, slurred speech, and loss of coordination accompanied by a sense of strength and invulnerability.[] Signs of PCP abuse include: Sedation Immobility Amnesia Numbness Slurred speech and other speech difficulties A sense of invulnerability Blank stare Rapid, involuntary eye[]

  • Ischemic Stroke

    METHODS: From October of 2014 to October of 2016, 224 cases of ischemic stroke and H-type hypertension were selected.[] speech.[] […] lipoprotein cholesterol levels were significantly reduced in LAA and SAO groups ( P P P CONCLUSIONS: The present study suggests that hypertension, smoking, decreasing plasma[]

  • Scorpion Sting

    Article Sidebar Published: May 3, 2013 Case Reports Keywords Scorpion, Sting, Woman, Furosemide, Hypertensive crisis.[] You may have experienced a scorpion sting if you notice: • Sensitive Skin • Local Burning Pain • Slurred Speech • Breathing Problems • Body-Wide Numbness[] Venomous scorpion stings occur most frequently in infants and children, and may cause shortness of breath, fluid buildup in the lungs, excess saliva, slurred speech, trouble[]

  • Atropa Belladonna

    The heart rate increases (tachycardia) with hypertension as a result of parasympathetic block caused by anti-cholinergic agents.[] Other side effects reported are headache, hyperactivity, nervousness, dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness or sedation, unsteady walking, confusion, slurred speech, exaggerated[] Sidenote: oh and by the way, I still have blurry vision and slurred speech for the next 24 hours after the end of the visions.[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

    AWD patients hypertensive at the first admission had significantly longer duration of delirium.[] Delirium tremens is the most severe form of withdrawal and manifests with deep confusion, slurred speech, uninhibited behavior, staggering gait, delusions, vivid hallucinations[] speech Staggering Measurable effects on motor and emotional control centers Loss of balance Blurred or double vision Urinary incontinence Sedation Amnesia 0.40 Lapses in[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    Here, we present a male patient who was chronically exposed to elemental mercury and had papilledema and intracranial hypertension without parenchymal lesion in the central[] speech, tremors, and staggering.[] In January 1997, she began to notice definite symptoms that worried her - tingly fingers and toes, slurred speech.[]

  • Organophosphate Insecticide

    A wide range of other symptoms may also be noted, including incontinence, defecation, tachycardia, bradycardia, hypertension, cramping of skeletal muscles, bronchospasm, and[] He was responsive to pain, but had slurred speech. His Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score was 9.[] In higher doses, people may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dizziness, eye pain, blurred vision, slurred speech, loss of reflexes, twitching, tremors of[]

  • Insulinoma

    The possible etiology of hypertension induced by an insulinoma is catecholamine release in response to hypoglycemia, which may cause acute hypertension through activation[] Slurring of speech, confusion, change of behaviour, truculence. Stupor, coma. Subacute hypoglycaemia Also known as hypoglycaemia unawareness.[] Multivariate analysis indicated that higher initial BMI was associated with increased weight loss (p   .001). 63.8% of patients with hypertension recovered and improved sleep[]

  • Pheochromocytoma-Islet Cell Tumor Syndrome

    Pheochromocytoma frequently induces paroxysmal hypertension with headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, sweating, pallor, tachycardia, and palpitations, and these are[] Surgical excision is the most effective therapy of PICT-associated pheochromocytoma: To reduce the risk of a hypertensive crisis, the preoperative management of blood pressure[] […] is crucial in patients with pheochromocytoma. α-sympatholytics like phenoxybenzamine are generally administered in this context. β-sympatholytics may actually worsen hypertension[]

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