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55 Possible Causes for Hypesthesia, Severe Peripheral Motor Neuropathy

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    Sural nerve biopsy leaves a patch of hypesthesia in the lateral aspect of the foot that is usually well tolerated.[] We treated a 52-year-old man who had severe disabling classic peripheral neuropathy since 1998 with Scrambler Therapy (Calmare), an FDA-cleared peripheral non-invasive neuromodulation[] Peripheral neuropathy may also be caused by several heavy metals.[]

  • Polyneuropathy

    Disease process involving several peripheral nerves (literal sense). 2.[] Synonym(s): polyneuritis. [ poly- G. neuron, nerve, pathos, disease] polyneuropathy generalized autonomic, sensory and motor neuropathy; characteristic of late-stage diabetes[]

  • Acute Hepatic Porphyria

    […] urine), peripheral neuropathy (patchy numbness and paresthesias), Proximal motor weakness (usually starting in upper extremities which can progress to include respiratory[] They include abdominal pain which is severe and poorly localized (most common, 95% of patients experience), Urinary symptoms (Dysuria, urinary retention/incontinence or dark[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy (AMAN) No sensory deficits Associated with epidemics following C. jejuni enteritis.[] In 1986, Feasby et al identified an axonal type of GBS coupled with poor recovery characterised by severe Wallerian-like degeneration in the peripheral nerves at necropsy.[] In AIDP, the myelin is predominantly damaged, whereas in acute motor axonal neuropathy, the nodes of Ranvier are targeted. 5, 15 Clinical Features PRECEDING OR TRIGGERING[]

  • Brachial Plexus Neuropathy

    CIDP It is an acquired, immune-mediated peripheral neuropathy, presents with relapsing and remitting motor and sensory loss in multiple limbs [ 30 ].[] Most frequently, it is idiopathic but can be associated with several conditions like HIV, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, Sjogren’s syndrome, lymphoma, IgM, IgG or IgA[]

  • Paraneoplastic Polyneuropathy

    Sensory symptoms include tingling or paresthesias, increased sensation in affected areas (hypesthesia), and numbness or reduced sensation.[] Peripheral neuropathy may also be caused by several heavy metals.[] Diagnostic Approach The differential diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy is significantly narrowed by a focused clinical assessment that addresses several key issues ( Figure[]

  • Refsum Disease

    The clinical picture of Refsum disease is often that of a slowly developing, progressive peripheral neuropathy manifested by severe motor weakness and muscular wasting, especially[] Refsum disease is a slowly developing, progressive peripheral neuropathy.[] Progression of the disease results in severe motor weakness and muscle wasting, particularly in the lower extremities. back to the Inborn Errors page back to Fatty Acid Oxidation[]

  • Neuropathy

    METHODS: Reference values were defined in 23 healthy subjects. 13patients with TSN underwent evaluation (Thessaloniki Hypesthesia Score (THS), ultrasound, electrophysiology[] Traumas, such as from motor vehicle accidents, falls or sports injuries, can sever or damage peripheral nerves.[] Disorders such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease are hereditary types of neuropathy. Trauma or pressure on the nerve.[]

  • Cranial Neuropathy

    Partial or complete facial palsy, facial hypesthesia, and/or pain may occur months to years after excision of a cutaneous malignancy and is often the first manifestation of[] Signs and symptoms [ edit ] Illustration depicting areas affected by diabetic neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy affects all peripheral nerves including sensory neurons, motor[] Sensory symptoms include tingling or paresthesias, increased sensation in affected areas (hypesthesia), and numbness or reduced sensation.[]

  • CANOMAD Syndrome

    […] anesthesia crystals perceptive deafnessCorneal Avellino typeCorneal crystalline SchnyderCorneal Fuchs endothelial microcephaly Bowman layer pigmentary Thiel Behnke lattice hypesthesia[] Anti-glycolipid antibodies are associated with several distinct peripheral nerves syndromes: Multifocal motor neuropathy is associated with anti-GM1, -GA1 and -GD1b IgM antibodies[] Hexacarbons : Solvents in glue may cause sensorimotor neuropathy starting in the fingers and may develop into severe symmetric distal sensory and motor loss.[]

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