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71 Possible Causes for Hypogastric Mass

  • Abdominal Actinomycosis

    A 48-year-old female, presented as a case of acute abdomen with a small-bowel obstruction and a palpable hypogastric mass, was urgently operated.[] A 46-year-old woman presented with a hypogastric mass. The preoperative diagnosis was a malignant ovarian tumor involving multiple organs, including the urinary bladder.[]

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    A physical examination of her abdomen showed a widespread distension with an irregular and polylobed solid mass occupying the whole of the lower-umbilical and hypogastric[] A rectal examination found an empty rectum, and the mass was perceptible in Douglas's pouch.[]

  • Ovarian Neoplasm

    The patient underwent surgical resection and, intraoperatively, a left ovarian mass was identified that extended to both the left hypogastric artery and the left ureter.[] Hypogastric artery aneurysm should be included in the differential diagnosis of a pelvic mass in elderly women with atherosclerotic disease.[] Computed tomographic imaging of the abdomen and pelvis showed a 14-cm left-sided pelvic mass.[]

  • Metastatic Ovarian Carcinoma

    At the end of 2010 she developed gradual abdominal distension, with the feeling of a mass in the hypogastric and left iliac region.[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Ovary

    During physical examination, deep palpation in her right hypogastric region revealed a poorly defined, nontender mass.[]

  • Tuberculosis of the Pelvic Bone

    […] cystic mass. [2] , [3] Present case had a hypogastric lump.[] Tuberculosis of pubic symphysis presenting with hypogastric mass.[] The hypogastric mass disappeared three months after treatment.[]

  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an uncommon cause of infection in the female genital tract. We report a case of postmenopausal tubo-ovarian abscess (TOA) due to P. aeruginosa in a renal transplant recipient. The presentation included mild abdominal symptoms with rapid progression of peritonitis and surgical abscess[…][]

  • Bleeding from an Ectopic Pregnancy

    AIMS Journal 2002, Vol 14, No 3 by Laura Abbott There are 20,000 ectopic pregnancies a year in the UK alone. This is more than double the cases of cervical cancer. Laura Abbott, an independent midwife, writes of her experience of 'care' during a traumatic ectopic pregnancy. My partner and I had been trying to[…][]

  • Pelvic Hematoma

    Infected pelvic hematoma is a relatively common complication of vaginal hysterectomy, manifesting with postoperative pain and fever which often necessitate surgical drainage. We aimed to assess the effect of the surgical technique for vaginal cuff closure on the incidence of this complication. Until March 31, 2010, our[…][]

  • Ovarian Cystic Teratoma

    Our goal was to evaluate the adequacy of conservative management during pregnancy and labor in women with an ultrasonographically diagnosed ovarian cystic teratoma. Forty-nine women with ultrasonographically diagnosed ovarian cystic teratoma 6 cm were followed for detection of possible complications through[…][]

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