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898 Possible Causes for Hypoglycemia, Intrahepatic Cholestasis

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    A 46-year-old man with type 1 diabetes (age of onset 26 years) was admitted into our hospital due to poor glycemic control (HbA 1c 11.3%) with severe daily hypoglycemia and[] Abstract Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is characterized by progressive nonsuppurative destruction of small bile ducts, resulting in intrahepatic cholestasis, fibrosis and[] Autoimmune thrombocytopenia and hypoglycemia with insulin receptor autoantibodies may occur.[]

  • Viral Hepatitis

    Oral S-adenosylmethionine in the symptomatic treatment of intrahepatic cholestasis. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Gastroenterology 1990;99:211 - 215.[]

  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

    cholestasis interrelation with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and from oral contraceptives.[] Follow for hypoglycemia if fulminant hepatic liver failure. No change in standard management. Consider converting prednisone to prednisolone.[] Popper H: Cholestasis. Annu Rev Med 19:39–55, 1968 PubMed Google Scholar 2. Zimmerman H: Intrahepatic cholestasis.[]

  • Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy

    During the 26th week of a first pregnancy, a 25-year-old woman presented with pruritus suggesting an intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.[] Elevated liver transaminase levels (alanine and aspartate aminotransferases, or ALT and AST, respectively), hypoglycemia, leukocytosis, hyperbilirubinemia, hypoglycemia, increased[] Raised transaminases and serum bilirubin as well as coagulopathy were found in all patients (100%), while hypoglycemia was found in 8 patients (53%).[]

  • Hodgkin's Disease

    Capillary glucose measurements during the spells revealed hypoglycemia.[] Following chemotherapy, a complete remission ensued, the spells abated, and hypoglycemia was not induced by a 23-hour fast.[]

  • Hepatosplenic Lymphoma

    Abstract Thirty-nine patients with lymphoma were evaluated prospectively to determine the usefulness of Ethiodol-Oil-Emulsion-13 (EOE-13) in the detection of hepatosplenic lymphoma by computed tomography. The detection rate in the spleen increased from 8% (before EOE-13 infusion) to 92% (after EOE-13 infusion). In[…][]

  • Toxic Hepatitis

    To our knowledge, it is the first case of toxic hepatitis induced by androgenic/anabolic steroids with predominantly hepatocellular necrosis instead of intrahepatic cholestasis[] Combination of estrogenic and progestational steroids; estrogen is primarily responsible Intrahepatic cholestasis Pruritus and jaundice Susceptible patients: idiopathic jaundice[]

  • Liver Cirrhosis

    RATIONALE: Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC) type 3, characterized by high gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT), is an autosomal recessive genetic disease.[] Cardinal symptoms include fasting hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis and hepatomegaly as well as neutropenia.[] AP and γ-glutamyltransferase (GGT) levels typically rise to several times the normal level after several days of bile duct obstruction or intrahepatic cholestasis.[]

  • Massive Hepatic Necrosis

    Hypoglycemia occurs in many patients with ALF and is often due to depletion of hepatic glycogen stores and impaired gluconeogenesis.[] Schmid M, Hefti M, et al: Benign post-operative intrahepatic cholestasis. New Eng J Med 272:545, 1961 Google Scholar 10.[] Secretion of the following: insulin-like substance -- hypoglycemia erythropoeitin-like substance -- polycythemia PTH-like substance -- hypercalcemia Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular[]

  • Sepsis

    , and complications arising from hypoglycemia[ 5 ].[] Sepsis was also associated with development of jaundice secondary to intrahepatic cholestasis. Prolonged cholestasis should be addressed to avoid liver damage.[] In general, infants are at risk for developing hypoglycemia when they depend on intravenous fluids.[]

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