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3,861 Possible Causes for Hypoglycemia, Percussion Myotonia, Sperm Count Decreased

  • Graves Disease

    Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism and is often managed with radioactive iodine (RAI) therapy. With current dosing schemes, the vast majority of patients develop permanent post-RAI hypothyroidism and are placed on life-long levothyroxine therapy. This hypothyroidism typically occurs within[…][]

    Missing: Percussion Myotonia
  • Cannabis Abuse

    This is particularly risky for diabetics taking oral medications or insulin, as hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia can be fatal.[]

    Missing: Percussion Myotonia
  • Myotonic Dystrophy

    Percussion myotonia or myotonia of grasp or both is usually present if looked for.[] On the second day of life, the newborn was admitted to Neonatology Unit due to feeding problems, hypoglycemia, and desaturation episodes.[] The less common clinical syndromes, which include the two possible cases of myotonic dystrophy, are: (2) almost pure myotonia, symptomatic from early infancy (one case) or[]

  • Heat Exhaustion

    Diagnosis is clinical and requires exclusion of other possible causes (eg, hypoglycemia, acute coronary syndrome, various infections).[]

    Missing: Percussion Myotonia
  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Alcoholism & Hypoglycemia Alcoholism is the enhanced consumption of ethanol ( 120ml/day) and hypoglycemia is a condition where there is decreased blood glucose levels ( [[] Semen volume, sperm count, motility, and number of morphologically normal sperm were significantly decreased.[] , positional asphyxia or suffocation by inhalation of vomit, exposure to cold coupled with alcohol-induced hypothermia, as well as various metabolic disturbances such as hypoglycemia[]

    Missing: Percussion Myotonia
  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    At Puberty  Small testicles (hypogonadism)  Breast tissue development (gynaecomastia)  Low sperm count or no sperm  Low sex drive  Taller than average height  Weak[] Maximal serum GH levels after insulin-induced hypoglycemia and clonidine were low, demonstrating GH deficiency. He received growth hormone treatment with good response.[] Perioperative control of blood glucose levels to prevent hypoglycemia or severe hyperglycemia. Difficult intubation if cervical spine mobility is limited.[]

    Missing: Percussion Myotonia
  • Cystic Fibrosis

    hypoglycemia ( Moran 2009 ). 4.[] Complications of therapeutic management a. hypoglycemia (specifically related to oral hypoglycemic and insulin agents) The investigators reported three incidences of hypoglycemia[] A few cases of hypoglycemia were seen in three out of the four trials (none in the longest trial), but these events resolved without further treatment.There was an unclear[]

    Missing: Percussion Myotonia
  • Anterior Pituitary Hypofunction

    Positive CRF test Negative response to hypoglycemia Pituitary problem Negative CRF test Negative response to hypoglycemia ACTH excess Suppression with dexamethasone How do[] FSH, LH, testosterone, and sperm count ""True" Precocious-Puberty implies a CNS origin for the disorder, but Pseudo-Precocious puberty implies a peripheral cause (e.g., adrenogenital[] […] adults only hypoglycemia children pituitarism dwarf, delayed growth and sexual maturation TSH deficiencty found in hypopituitarism will affect individuals how?[]

    Missing: Percussion Myotonia
  • Paramyotonia Congenita

    They experience neither grip nor percussion myotonia during warm weather, whereas myotonia is provoked by cold. Her younger son has no symptoms.[] […] channel disorders, preventive therapy before surgery, such as maintaining a normal body temperature, maintaining serum potassium concentration at low level, and avoiding hypoglycemia[] Also of diagnostic importance are the myotonic reactions inducible at room temperature, such as percussion myotonia, active myotonia and paradoxical myotonia.[]

    Missing: Sperm Count Decreased
  • Generalized Myotonia of Thomsen

    On examination he showed percussion myotonia. There was no grip myotonia or eyelid myotonia. Nerve conduction studies were normal.[] A dietary cause is suspected. locomotor ataxia tabes dorsalis. otarid ataxia a syndrome in pinnipeds caused by nutritional deficiency of thiamin or enterotoxemia or hypoglycemia[] Secondary outcomes: (1) clinical relaxation time; (2) electromyographic relaxation time; (3) stair test; (4) presence of percussion myotonia; and (5) adverse events.[]

    Missing: Sperm Count Decreased

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