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113 Possible Causes for Hypoglycemia, Thick Facial Skin, Weight Gain

  • Hypothyroidism

    […] hyper-reactive Hypo-reactive Medical condition History of Infections Common Occasional Chronic Fatigue Yes Yes Orthostatic Hypotension Frequent No Blood Sugar Levels Tendency toward hypoglycemia[] Symptoms include weight gain, constipation, dry skin, and sensitivity to the cold.[] […] expression, dementia or frank psychosis (myxedema madness) Dermatologic manifestations: Facial puffiness; myxedema; sparse, coarse and dry hair; coarse, dry, scaly and thick[]

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency

    Glucagon injection during hypoglycemia resulted in a further decrease of blood glucose.[] gain.[] However, a nice side benefit is that growth hormone also increases the thickness of the skin.[]

  • Myxedema Coma

    Hypoglycemia – The reduction on the metabolic rate affects the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose leading to hypoglycemia.[] Patients with hypothyroidism typically have a history of fatigue, weight gain, constipation and cold intolerance.[] […] expression, dementia or frank psychosis (myxedema madness) Dermatologic manifestations: Facial puffiness; myxedema; sparse, coarse and dry hair; coarse, dry, scaly and thick[]

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    […] normal range before the OGTT load test, we noted an odd variation of insulin response in which a condition of hyperinsulinemia after the load test was followed suddenly by hypoglycemia[] Cessation of VPA administration led to reduced weight gain and restored menstruation.[] […] of thick, darker, velvety skin.[]

  • Donohue Syndrome

    Glucose homeostasis is affected with hyperinsulinemia, fasting hypoglycemia, and postprandial hyperglycemia.[] Our finding that replacement treatment with pancreatic enzymes improved weight gain (case 2) implies that all patients with Donohue syndrome should be investigated for exocrine[] She appeared markedly emaciated, and had hirsuitism, thickened skin with patchy hyperpigmentation, coarse facial features, sunken cheeks, pointed chin, flared nostrils, broad[]

  • Congenital Hypothyroidism

    T4 is normal or low and TSH is elevated 15. 4.Central (hypothalamic–pituitary) hypothyroidism other signs of pituitary dysfunction, -hypoglycemia, microphallus, and midline[] Alopecia, weight gain, mental dullness, fatigue, cold intolerance, infertility and neurological deficits are seen.[] The symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism may include the following: Puffy face Coarse facial features Dull look Thick protruding tongue Poor feeding Choking episodes Constipation[]

  • Secondary Hypothyroidism

    Failed release may lead to amenorrhea, infertility, weight loss, hypoglycemia, and diabetes insipidus.[] Total weight gain at this point is 50 pounds, I exercise, and eat a disgustingly healthy diet.[] […] speech 91 Eyelid edema 90 Cold sensation 89 Decreased sweating 89 Cold skin 83 Thick tongue 82 Facial edema 79 Coarse hair 76 Skin pallor 67 Forgetfulness 66 Constipation[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 3

    During periods of hypoglycemia, Cori disease is treated with frequent high carbohydrate meals with cornstarch supplements.[] Weight gain and growth are commensurate with age. Apart from transient asymptomatic hypoglycaemia no side effects were observed.[] He was noted to have hypotonia, macrocephaly, a coarse facial appearance, low set ears with thick lobes, downward slanting palpebral fissures, epicanthic folds, depressed[]

  • Acromegaly

    A risk of hypoglycemia should be presumed, especially when patients receive insulin therapy, as the package inserts caution.[] We report the case of a 43 years old patient initially diagnosed with acromegaly accompanied by weight gain and acral enlargement.[] The facial aspect is characteristic and includes a widened and thickened nose, prominent cheekbones, forehead bulges, thick lips and marked facial lines.[]

  • Corticotroph Pituitary Adenoma

    If the tumor develops after puberty, then the person has the following symptoms of acromegaly: thick, oily skin; coarse features with thick lips and a broad nose; prominent[] MAR 2001; 54 (3) : 327-333 Mayinger-B; Harsch-IA; Axelos-D; Hahn-EG Isolated ACTH deficiency as a rare reason for repeated syncope and hypoglycemia MEDIZINISCHE-KLINIK.[] It is part of a group of diseases that cause Cushing’s syndrome, characterized by signs and symptoms that may include weight gain around the trunk and in the face, stretch[]

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