80 Possible Causes for Hypomimia, Psychosis

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  • Parkinson's Disease

    Treating Psychosis in Parkinson’s Disease “Psychosis does not always require treatment, particularly if hallucinations are non-bothersome,” Okun said.[psychcentral.com] Other clinical features include secondary motor symptoms (eg, hypomimia, dysarthria, dysphagia, sialorrhoea, micrographia, shuffling gait, festination, freezing, dystonia,[jnnp.bmj.com] Pimavanserin, a novel antipsychotic for management of Parkinson's disease psychosis. Kianirad Y, Simuni T .[parkinsons.northwestern.edu]

  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies

    More Likely to Be Misdiagnosed, Study Suggests July 1, 2017 — People with Alzheimer's disease who experience psychosis -- including delusions and hallucinations -- are five[sciencedaily.com] Emergency Room Treatment of Psychosis. Accessed December 27, 2015. Lewy Body Dementia Association. Symptoms. Accessed December 13, 2015. National Institute on Aging.[verywell.com] More about: Dementia Lewy Bodies Alzheimer's psychosis NHS University of Exeter Reuse content[independent.co.uk]

  • Parkinsonian Disorder

    Susceptibility to psychosis The underlying susceptibility to psychosis is strongly related to the patient’s mental status.[psychiatrictimes.com] FDA Approves Nuplazid for Parkinson's Disease Psychosis By Alicia Ciccone, Digital Content Editor The drug is the first of its kind to address PD psychosis without having[psychiatryadvisor.com] Quiz Parkinson disease & medication-induced tardive dyskinesia Take Quiz Parkinson’s disease: Dementia & mild cognitive impairment Take Quiz Early-onset Parkinson’s disease psychosis[mdedge.com]

  • Powassan Encephalitis

    Gradually she developed features of parkinsonism (micrographia, hypomimia, gait festination with en-bloc turning, decreased arm swing bilaterally, bradykinesia) with apathy[neurology.org]

  • Parkinson-Dementia Syndrome

    Susceptibility to psychosis The underlying susceptibility to psychosis is strongly related to the patient’s mental status.[psychiatrictimes.com] Poewe , W. ( 2003 ) Psychosis in Parkinson's disease . Movement Disorders , 18 ( suppl. 6 ), S80 – S87 .[apt.rcpsych.org] Other medicines prescribed for anxiety, depression, and psychosis can also cause daytime sleepiness.[caring.com]

  • Neuroferritinopathy

    One individual presented with a paranoid psychosis. Mini-Mental State Examination was not sensitive for the frontal/subcortical cognitive deficits.[academic.oup.com] While 35% developed facial hypomimia and bradykinesia not directly related to their dystonia; only one individual developed a pure rest tremor, and another had tremor present[academic.oup.com] The 474G A (A96T) mutation was found in a man with mild non-progressive mental retardation, who developed a gait disturbance at 13 years of age, followed by episodes of psychosis[academic.oup.com]

  • Hepatic Encephalopathy

    SX of encephalopathy: may begin with mild confusion, irrational behavior, euphoria, or psychosis.[enotes.tripod.com] Extrapyramidal dysfunction, such as hypomimia, muscular rigidity, bradykinesia, hypokinesia, monotony and slowness of speech, Parkinsonian-like tremor and dyskinesia with[academic.oup.com]

  • Postencephalitic Parkinson Disease

    Hallucinations/Psychosis: There is an increased risk for hallucinations and psychosis in patients taking RYTARY.[rytaryhcp.com] Symptoms and course Bradykinesia, rigidity, hypomimia, postural instability, gait disorders with falls and sialorrhea. Ophthalmoplegia and oculogyric crises.[alzheimer-europe.org] PARKINSON’S DISEASE Parkinson’s disease is characterized by a characteristic pill rolling tremor, bradykinesia, mask-like facies with a reduced blinking frequency (hypomimia[thebigl.co]

  • Pallidopyramidal Syndrome

    Moreover, in agreement with literature, psychosis poorly responds to specific treatment. 4.[bmcneurol.biomedcentral.com] Pill-rolling tremor, hypomimia, hypophonia, stooping posture, striatal toes and equinovarous deformity may be noted.[neurologyindia.com] Psychosis associated with clonazepam therapy for blepharospasm. J Nerv Ment Dis 1982;170:117-119. 42. Papaterra Limongi JC. Dystonia: therapeutic aspects.[flandershealth.us]

  • Juvenile Paralysis Agitans of Hunt

    psychosis Other specified schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorder F29 Unspecified psychosis not due to a substance or known physiological condition Includes:[app.drchrono.com] Hypomimia- “masked facies”,expressionless face, blinking Speech abnormalities- Hypophonia: soft voice Aprosody of speech: monotonous and lack of inflection Tachyphemia: do[slideplayer.com] The facial expression is markedly different from the hypomimia and masking of PD.[neupsykey.com]

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