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46 Possible Causes for Hypopituitarism, Phentermine

  • Obesity

    Summary OBJECTIVE Growth hormone deficiency in adults with hypopituitarism has previously received little attention.[] Phentermine plus topiramate-ER is administered as a once-daily capsule in 4 fixed-dose combinations: 3.75 mg phentermine plus 23 mg topiramate (starting dose); 7.5 mg phentermine[] […] interventions, produce additional weight loss relative to placebo ranging from approximately 3% of initial weight for orlistat and lorcaserin to 9% for top-dose (15/92 mg) phentermine[]

  • Hypothyroidism

    Hypopituitarism - neoplasm, infiltrative, infection and radiotherapy. Hypothalamic disorders - neoplasms and trauma.[] PHENTERMINE We sell Adipex. Color:White & Blue Specks or White.[] In dogs with congenital hypopituitarism (pituitary dwarfism, see The Pituitary Gland: Juvenile-Onset Panhypopituitarism ), there may be variable degrees of thyroidal, adrenocortical[]

  • Hypothalamic Dysfunction

    However, patients with hypopituitarism rarely suffer ADH deficiency, unless the hypopituitarism is the result of hypothalamus disease.[] Drug treatment involved fluoxetine/spironolactone followed by topiramate/phentermine -- and then buspirone for anxiety, trazodone for sleep problems or fibromyalgia, fluoxetine[] KEYWORDS: epilepsy; hypopituitarism; ophthalmic condition[]

  • Weight Loss

    Hormonal evaluation revealed pan-hypopituitarism with central diabetes insipidus.[] Phentermine is one such drug, approved for short-term use to lose weight.[] RESULTS: Weight loss medications prescribed for 209 patients were phentermine (n 156, 74.6%), phentermine/topiramate extended release (n 25, 12%), lorcaserin (n 18, 8.6%),[]

  • Sertraline

    Endocrinological examinations revealed severe hypocortisolism and partial hypopituitarism with isolated adrenocorticotropic hormone deficiency.[] […] dextromethorphan medicines used for pain management e.g. fentanyl, tapentadol (Palexia ), tramadol or pethidine medicines used to treat migraine e.g. sumatriptan (Imigran ) phentermine[] John's wort, tryptophan); lithium; migraine medications; stimulants such as amphetamines/phentermine; and illegal drugs such as ecstasy.[]

  • Ovarian Hyperfunction

    242.8) 253.2 Panhypopituitarism Cachexia, pituitary Necrosis of pituitary (postpartum) Pituitary insufficiency NOS Sheehan's syndrome Simmonds' disease Excludes: iatrogenic hypopituitarism[] Prediction of Cesamet, Zyban, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Xanax for a 43 year old woman - an hour ago A study for a 62 year old woman who takes Neurontin - 2 hours ago Prediction of Phentermine[] […] neurohypophysis Syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone [ADH] Excludes: ectopic antidiuretic hormone secretion (259.3) 253.7 Iatrogenic pituitary disorders Hypopituitarism[]

  • Fatty Liver

    This case indicates that some multi-system LCH patients with hypopituitarism and hypothalamic dysfunction show very rapid progression and are difficult to treat.[] Anorectic drugs such as fenfluramine and phentermine in addition to dietary and behavioural modifications were reported to improve aminotransaminase levels in 11 obese patients[] […] particularly when fat is concentrated in the abdomen Polycystic ovary syndrome Sleep apnea Type 2 diabetes Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) Underactive pituitary gland (hypopituitarism[]

  • Renal Salt-Wasting Syndrome

    […] traumatic brain injury (TBI), hyponatraemia can occur due to a variety of causes, such as syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH), CSWS, Anterior hypopituitarism[] Prediction of Cesamet, Zyban, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Xanax for a 43 year old woman - 2 hours ago A study for a 62 year old woman who takes Neurontin - 3 hours ago Prediction of Phentermine[]

  • Lethal Bone Dysplasia, Holmgren Type

    Over- and underdosage of SOX3 is associated with infundibular hypoplasia and hypopituitarism.[] […] cialis Inde Similar tablets: Symbyax (Olanzapine and fluoxetine),Clindamycin (topical) (Cleocin T),Cutivate (Fluticasone),Oxycodone HCl and Ibuprofen (Combunox),Fastin (Phentermine[]

  • Brain Neoplasm

    Prolactinoma leads to hyperprolactinaemia, which results in hypogonadism, sexual dysfunction, and galactorrhoea, and it may also cause hypopituitarism and osteoporosis.[] - now Will you have Endothelial Dysfunction with Phentermine? - a second ago Will you have Orthostatic Hypotension with Mirtazapine?[]

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