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593 Possible Causes for Hypoplastic Nails

  • Turner Syndrome

    Many patients have hypoplastic or hyperconvex nails. Excessive numbers of nevi, when compared to other members of the family, is usual.[] In infants, the combination of dysplastic or hypoplastic nails and lymphedema gives a characteristic sausage-like appearance to the fingers and toes.[] Nails: Many patients have hypoplastic or hyperconvex nails. Although these are not a clinical problem, they are rarely seen in other patients.[]

  • Nail-Patella Syndrome

    The most common clinical findings are a hypoplastic patella, elbow dysplasia, iliac horns, and hypoplastic nails.[] Clinically, the key feature is absent/hypoplastic nails from birth. Individuals may have flexion contractures and recurrent knee dislocations .[] […] doi: 10.2106/JBJS.JOPA.17.00004 Review Article Abstract Author Information Authors Article Metrics Metrics Nail-patella syndrome (NPS) is an autosomal-dominant dysmorphic[]

  • Epidermolysis Bullosa

    Hypoplastic enamel formation causes tooth decay. Nail dystrophy and alopecia are also common. They have a normal life expectancy and ability to reproduce.[]

  • Trachonychia

    […] or absent • Renal involvement • Infection • Chronic paronychia caused by • Dorsal pterygium – Proximal nail fold scarring – Ventral nail plate and hyponychium fused – Congenital[] Steatocystoma multiplex • Natal teeth • No leukokeratosis • I, II, III and laryngeal disease, MR and amyloid Acute paronychia cause #1 – Proximal white subungual • Patellae hypoplastic[]

  • Larsen's Syndrome

    Note the broad spatulate thumb and altered hand position due to the short metacarpals (upper photo), and the big toe and hypoplastic nails (lower photo). Figure 3.82.[] Note the broad spatulate thumb and altered hand position due to the short metacarpals (upper photo), and the big toe and hypoplastic nails (lower photo). Figure 3.83.[]

  • Diffuse Palmoplantar Keratoderma

    […] dystrophy), Huriez syndrome (scleroatrophic changes on the dorsal aspect of the hands and hypoplastic nails in addition to the PPK).[] […] syndrome (focal keratoderma on pressure sites, leukokeratosis of the oral mucosa and esophageal cancer); Clouston syndrome (hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, hypotrichosis and nail[]

  • Haddad Syndrome

    nails and dysmorphic facial features (MIM.235760) type D brachydactyly (MIM.306980) ulnar polydactyly, polysyndactyly of big toes and ventricular septal defect (MIM.235750[] Hirschsprung’s disease, hypoplastic nails, and minor dysmorphic features: a distinct autosomal recessive syndrome? J Med Genet 1988; 25: 758-761. 39.[] […] hypertelorism, deafness (MIM.235740) postaxial polydactylt, ventricular septal defect (MIM.235750) heart defects, laryngeal anomalies and preaxial polydactyly (MIM.604211) hypoplastic[]

  • Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata Type 3

    Others • Chromosomal - Trisomy 21 & 18 – stippling in sacrococcyx / calcaneo talus • Maternal SLE – hypoplastic nails, hypoplasia of facial bones, short distal phalanges,[] nails, distal phalanges, cleft lip/palate cardiac Short terminal phalanges Craniosynostosis Vertebral saggital clefts Thyroid, sacrococcyx, periarticular Combined def of[] Fetal warfarin syndrome flat nasal bridge,cataract cardiac defects, upper airway obst Shortening of limbs, short broad phalanges & metacarpals Generalized Fetal phenytoin Hypoplastic[]

  • Brain Calcification Type Rajab

    She had hypoplastic nails in all digits, hyperlaxity of joints in upper and lower limbs, with associated skin laxity.[] […] brachymelia with brachydactyly, camptodactyly [Figure:2}, mid-thoracic scoliosis with hemivertebrae and rib crowding [Figure - 3] , and genital anomalies in the form of hypoplastic[]

  • Brachyphalangy Polydactyly and Tibial Aplasia/Hypoplasia

    Hair Nails: absent/hypoplastic nails Head And Neck Neck: short neck torticollis branchial pits Genitourinary External Genitalia Male: inguinal hernia hypospadias bifid scrotum[] The nails are thin and atrophic. The facial skeleton is reduced in size, and the mandible and maxilla are hypoplastic.[] […] radius short ulna joint contractures (elbows and knees) mesomelic lower limb shortening more Genitourinary External Genitalia Female: absent labia majora small clitoris Skin Nails[]

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