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241 Possible Causes for Hypopyon

  • Hypopyon Ulcer

    Look at other dictionaries: hypopyon keratitis — suppurative keratitis with purulent infiltration and hypopyon; see hypopyon ulcer … Medical dictionary Ulcer — An area of[] […] and the term 'corneal ulcer with hypopyon' for the ulcers associated with hypopyon due to other causes.[] Code Information Diagnosis Code: 370.04 Short Description: Hypopyon ulcer Long Description: Hypopyon ulcer Code Classification: Diseases of the sense organs (360–389) Disorders[]

  • Behçet Disease

    Adamandiades: Sur un cas d'iritis à hypopyon récidivant. Annales d'oculistique, Paris, 1931, 168: 271-278. H.[] It is of unknown etiology and characterized by mucocutaneous ulceration in the mouth and genital region and uveitis with hypopyon.[] […] frequency of ocular involvement in Behçet’s disease is approximately 70% 4 and is characterised by unilateral or bilateral acute episodes of iridocyclitis with or without hypopyon[]

  • Keratitis

    Previous ocular surface disease and hypopyon were the risk factors for poor clinical outcome.[] In addition he had suspected bacterial keratitis with hypopyon in the left eye as a possible secondary infection of an epithelial defect that is a feature of Reiter's keratitis[] Few days later, the situation worsened with the development of hypopyon.[]

  • Endophthalmitis

    Large submacular abscess with posterior hypopyon warranted urgent vitrectomy which revealed Aspergillus terreus on fungal culture.[] Main clinical features included elevated intraocular pressure and fibrinous anterior chamber reaction, as well as a dark hypopyon.[] Vitritis, corneal infection, hypopyon, and clumps of thick material in the anterior chamber are some of the most common findings.[]

  • Central Corneal Ulcer

    H16.031 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, right eye H16.032 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, left eye H16.033 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, bilateral H16.039 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon[] Adjacent To H16.013 H16 Keratitis H16.00 Unspecified corneal ulcer H16.01 Central corneal ulcer H16.013 …… bilateral H16.02 Ring corneal ulcer H16.03 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon[] CM Codes Adjacent To H16.019 H16.00 Unspecified corneal ulcer H16.01 Central corneal ulcer H16.019 …… unspecified eye H16.02 Ring corneal ulcer H16.03 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon[]

  • Chronic Endophthalmitis

    We report a case of chronic low-grade endophthalmitis after cataract surgery presenting with recurrent episodes of severe anterior chamber reactions and hypopyon uveitis caused[] In June 2010, she returned with a visual acuity of 20/30 OS, a recurrent hypopyon and 2 vitreous cells.[] -Augenklinik, Berlin, Germany ICD10-Code: H20.2 Path: Anterior Chamber - Inflammation (Flare, Cells, Fibrin, Hypopyon, Precipitates), Phacolytic Glaucoma, (see also Anterior[]

  • Acute Endophthalmitis

    The case was notable for the absence of pain or hypopyon.[] In multiple linear regression analysis, female gender, presence of hypopyon, and worse baseline VA were significant independent predictors of worse visual outcome.[] The most common clinical findings were iritis (n 8), vitritis (n 8), hypopyon (n 8), pain (n 7), red eye (n 6), and decreased vision (n 5).[]

  • Uveitis

    KEYWORDS: Epithelial downgrowth; endoscopy; hypopyon[] […] history of recurrent anterior uveitis in the right eye, who underwent panretinal laser photocoagulation (PRP) for the retinopathy in both eyes, following which he developed hypopyon[] RESULTS: The FR group presented more often with hypopyon or posterior synechiae at the initial presentation.[]

  • Fusarium Infection

    Abstract Rhinitis and sinusitis usually coexist and are concurrent in most individuals; thus, the correct terminology is now "rhinosinusitis". On the basis of numerous causative factors, often co-existing in the same patient, the diagnosis of rhinosinusitis is also made by a wide variety of practitioners (allergologists,[…][]

  • Vitreous Abscess

    Situations that prevent normal examination include lid problems (severe edema, partial or total tarsorrhaphy), keratoprosthesis, corneal opacities, hyphema, hypopyon, miosis[] The frequency of topical steroids was increased and the boy returned with worsening of his symptoms and a hypopyon was noted.[] , right eye H16032Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, left eye H16033Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, bilateral H16039Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, unspecified eye H16061Mycotic corneal[]

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