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100 Possible Causes for Hyporeflexia in the Lower Limbs, Vomiting

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    A 46-year man with type 2 diabetes and otitis media (OM) suffered with fever, headache, and vomiting for 6 days.[] Physical examination confirmed lower left facial palsy and paresthesia of his extremities with hyporeflexia of his lower limbs and sensory loss of all four extremities.[] R nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea 3 days ago (admits to eating discount sushi).[]

  • Brain Abscess

    Three months after treatment, the patient complained in the outpatient department of headache, nausea and vomiting.[] We suggest that if patients show symptoms such as fever, vomiting and lethargy, with contiguous infection such as otitis media, mastoiditis, sinusitis or meningitis, GAS brain[] This elevation similarly stimulates the medullary vomiting center and area postrema, leading to morning vomiting.[]

  • Poliomyelitis

    The most common include For abortive poliomyelitis fever (up to 103º F) decreased appetite nausea and/or vomiting sore throat not feeling well constipation abdominal pain[] Initial symptoms of polio include fever, fatigue, headache, vomiting, stiffness in the neck, and pain in the limbs.[] For nonparalytic poliomyelitis headache, nausea and vomiting may be worse child may feel sick for a couple of days, then appear to improve before getting sick again pain of[]

  • Hypertensive Crisis

    Headache was the most common symptom (54.5%), followed by dizziness (45.5%), nausea/vomiting (36.4%) and chest pain (29.1%).[] […] upper and lower limbs.[] For clinical presentations, patients with nausea/vomiting and visual impairment presented with higher dSBP ratios than those without the symptoms (both p CONCLUSIONS: dDBP[]

  • Food-Borne Botulism

    Of the 41 botulinal toxin-positive persons, 38 (93%) had at least three of the commonly recognized pentad of signs or symptoms--nausea and vomiting, dysphagia, diplopia, dilated[] In rare cases, you may also experience nausea and vomiting.[] In general, symptoms of botulism poisoning include the following: Nausea Vomiting Fatigue Dizziness Double vision Dry skin, mouth and throat Drooping eyelids Difficulty swallowing[]

  • Oculomotor Apraxia

    Distal sensory deficits with lack of sensory nerve action potentials are also present in the lower limbs.[] Pathology Abstract Typical Cogan's syndrome is a rare disease of young adults consisting of flares of interstitial keratitis and sudden onset of Ménière-like attacks (nausea, vomiting[] […] symptoms include red, painful, light-sensitive or blurred vision ; hearing loss (which may become profound and permanent); vertigo (dizziness); poor balance; nausea and vomiting[]

  • West Nile Encephalitis

    A 57-year-old Caucasian woman presented with fever, dizziness, balance difficulties, vomiting, dancing eye, altered speech, tremor, generalized myoclonus and failure to rise[] […] weakness is of a lower–motor neuron pattern, with flaccid tone, areflexia, or hyporeflexia.[] Your child is nauseated or is vomiting. Your child is confused or cannot think clearly.[]

  • Meningeal Disorder

    […] bilateral, warrants MRI to exclude vascular malformation or lesion Pain is throbbing; exacerbated by light (photophobia), sound (phonophobia), or sudden movement Nausea, vomiting[] […] weakness is of a lower–motor neuron pattern, with flaccid tone, areflexia, or hyporeflexia.[] Sub-arachnoid hemorrhage is associated with intense headache, nausea and vomiting, and, finally, unconsciousness.[]

  • Proximal Myopathy with Extrapyramidal Signs

    Severe Nausea and Vomiting in Adults: The usual dose for rapid control of vomiting is 5 mg (1 mL). Rarely, a 10 mg (2 mL) dose is necessary.[] The weakness affects the proximal lower limb-girdle muscles, with minimal involvement of the upper extremities and the ocular and facial muscles.[] Many agents used to control nausea and vomiting in other settings are nearly useless for the very severe nausea and vomiting that accompanies chemotherapy.[]

  • West Nile Virus

    The most common positive findings on review of symptoms included fever (81.8%), nausea/vomiting (81.8%), and headache (68.2%).[] […] weakness is of a lower–motor neuron pattern, with flaccid tone, areflexia, or hyporeflexia.[] Severe symptoms include: severe headache high fever stiff neck nausea and/or vomiting trouble swallowing drowsiness confusion Diagnosis, testing and treatment Diagnosis A[]

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