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504 Possible Causes for Hypospadias, Retrognathia, Short Neck

  • Rudiger's Syndrome

    neck, and limb defects affecting the central ray of the hands and feet, compatible with ectrodactyly.[] However, the patient did not present ectodermal involvement and had congenital heart defects and genital abnormalities (hypospadia, micropenis and hypoplas- tic scrotum, without[] […] physi- cal examination, it was verified the presence of: bilateral cleft lip and complete cleft palate (involving hard and soft palate), micrognathia, abnormal low-set ears, short[]

  • Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome

    […] toes [ more ] 0001845 Pulmonary hypoplasia Small lung Underdeveloped lung [ more ] 0002089 Respiratory distress Breathing difficulties Difficulty breathing [ more ] 0002098 Retrognathia[] , and a short neck.[] Characteristic features include: midface retraction, widely patent fontanelles, hirsutism, choanal stenosis, hypospadias with chordae, club feet and broad ribs.[]

  • Goldberg-Shprintzen Syndrome

    […] prominent forehead Ocular proptosis Widely spaced eyes Downslanted palpebral fissures Malar flattening High narrow palate with prominent palatine ridges Micrognathia and/or retrognathia[] Additional dysmorphic features may include maxillary hypoplasia, hypodontia, high arched palate, short neck, small hands, brachydactyly, fifth finger clinodactyly, fetal finger[] One of the described patients had sparse scalp hair, a sloping forehead, sparse eyebrows, broad nasal bridge, large ears, pointed chin, ventricular septal defect, hypospadias[]

  • Robinow-Like Syndrome

    […] ears Low set ears Lowset ears [ more ] 0000369 Nail dysplasia Atypical nail growth 0002164 Narrow palate Narrow roof of mouth 0000189 Oral cleft Cleft of the mouth 0000202 Retrognathia[] Sometimes, testicles may be undescended, or the patient may suffer from hypospadias. [2] Female genital defects may include a reduced size clitoris and underdeveloped labia[] […] upper portion of limb 0008905 Short neck Decreased length of neck 0000470 Short nose Decreased length of nose Shortened nose [ more ] 0003196 Short stature Decreased body[]

  • Trisomy 4p

    […] share an overlapping phenotypic expression that constitutes pure trisomy 4p syndrome which includes prominent glabella, bulbous nose with flat or depressed nasal bridge, retrognathia[] Triangular face in adults * Poor dentition * Elongated chin * Clinodactyly of fifth fingers * Camptodactyly * Hypoplastic fingernails * Hypoplastic toenails * Small penis * Hypospadias[] […] asymmetric eyes, small ears, a short neck, finger/toe abnormalities, and behavioral problems.[]

  • Dubowitz Syndrome

    […] microcephaly and characteristic facial appearance including sloping forehead, blepharophimosis, ptosis of unilateral eyelid, broad nasal bridge, dysplastic auricles, and retrognathia[] The features include: a small, narrow and asymmetrical face; a high, broad and sloping forehead; widely spaced eyes; broad nasal bridge; and short, webbed neck.[] Cleft palate may occur as well as hypospadias, cryptorchidism in affected males, and mild limb defects.[]

  • Jacobsen Syndrome

    Anesthetic issues related to the care of patients with JS concern airway management secondary to short neck, abnormal mouth shape and micrognathia/retrognathia, a high incidence[] A woman with psychomotor developmental delay, congenital glaucoma, and distinctive facial features, and a short neck was diagnosed with Jacobsen syndrome (JBS) at age 40 years[] Features commonly seen in Jacobsen syndrome were short stature, mental retardation, congenital heart disease, cryptorchidism, strabismus, distal hypospadia glandis, and mild[]

  • Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome

    […] pattern profile was universally present: narrow forehead, brachycephaly, short palpebral fissures, short nasal ridge, anteverted nares, flat face, normal jaw width, and retrognathia[] On examination, he had cyanosis, facial dysmorphism, obesity, bilateral cryptorchidism, hypospadias, inverted nipples, and systolic murmur over the left parasternal area.[] neck.[]

  • Baraitser-Winter Syndrome 1

    There is retrognathia, a pointed chin, a wide mouth with downturned corners and an everted lower lip, which may be secondary to retrognathia (17/39–44%).[] In addition, the phenotype includes dwarfism with short neck and heart malformations.[] […] type 1, X-linked AR Hypospadias type 2, X-linked MAMLD1 IMAGE syndrome CDKN1C Immunodeficiency-centromeric instability-facial anomalies syndrome type 2 ZBTB24 Intestinal[]

  • CHARGE Syndrome

    In addition to these typical features, airway abnormalities, including retrognathia, glossoptosis, and laryngeal paralysis, have been reported in patients with this syndrome[] neck Image of Sloping Shoulders Common Limb/Skeletal Absent thumb, extra fingers, vertebral abnormalities ?[] Previously, we reported on a family with a new syndrome of cleft palate, coloboma, hypospadias, deafness, short stature, and radial synostosis.[]

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