1,843 Possible Causes for Hypotension in USA

    • Upper Respiratory Infection

      The risk of mortality is significant in patients who progress to streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, which is characterized by multiorgan failure and hypotension.[1]

    • Acute Gastroenteritis
      Orthostatic Hypotension
    • Insect Bite

      […] cell sensitization, an insect bite may trigger a type I hypersensitivity reaction manifesting in severe urticaria, pruritus, vomiting, respiratory symptoms, tachycardia, hypotension … Depending on adrenaline-mediated effects, aggressive intravenous fluid therapy to compensate for hypotension and administration of beta-sympathomimetics to induce bronchodilation … […] hives, itching and swelling in areas other than the site of the bite, tightness in the chest and difficulty in breathing, hoarse voice, swelling of the tongue, dizziness or hypotension[2] [3]

    • Influenza

      There can also be tachycardia and dyspnea but with hypotension.[4]

    • Adrenal Insufficiency
      Orthostatic Hypotension Hypotension

      Depending on its severity, the latter may manifest in form of orthostatic hypotension or prolonged dizziness and syncopes. … Patients may present with severe hypotension leading to reduced levels of consciousness and shock, with acute-onset high fever, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. … With regards to the former, symptoms develop gradually and comprise fatigue, lethargy, generalized weakness, gastrointestinal complaints, loss of appetite and weight, and hypotension[5]

    • Hypotension
      Orthostatic Hypotension Hypotension

      Orthostatic hypotension, also called postural hypotension, is a common form of low blood pressure. … However, since it focuses on hypotension due to infection, it is not applicable to all forms of severe hypotension. … The treatment for hypotension depends on its cause.[6]

    • Jarisch Herxheimer Reaction

      Keywords : Lyme Disease, Spirochaetales, Syphilis, Arthralgia, Exanthema, Hypotension. … The patient had evidence of systemic shock-like symptoms including hypotension, fevers and tachycardia after his first dose of antibiotics. … Few hours after the first antibiotic dose he had abrupt onset of high fevers, chills, hypotension and tachycardia requiring fluid resuscitation and antipyretics.[7]

    • Methyldopa

      […] activities of Methyldopa.Approved Guanadrel Guanadrel may increase the hypotensive activities of Methyldopa.Approved Guanethidine Methyldopa may increase the hypotensive … […] activities of Methyldopa.Approved, Withdrawn Ambrisentan Methyldopa may increase the hypotensive activities of Ambrisentan.Approved, Investigational Amifostine Methyldopa … […] may increase the hypotensive activities of Amifostine.Approved, Investigational Amiloride The risk or severity of adverse effects can be increased when Amiloride is combined[8]

    • Orthostatic Hypotension

      Orthostatic hypotension, also known as postural hypotension, occurs when a person's blood pressure falls when suddenly standing up from a lying or sitting position. … Orthostatic hypotension may cause accidental falls. … Marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol can on occasion produce marked orthostatic hypotension.[9]

    • Hemopericardium

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