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196 Possible Causes for Hypotension, Severe Peripheral Motor Neuropathy

  • Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

    Abstract Postural hypotension is uncommon in diabetes but can occur secondary to autonomic neuropathy.[] Diabetic autonomic neuropathy is a subgroup of diabetic neuropathy, a group of nerve diseases affecting the peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.[] Signs and symptoms [ edit ] Illustration depicting areas affected by diabetic neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy affects all peripheral nerves including sensory neurons, motor[]

  • Autonomic Neuropathy

    We present a unique case of orthostatic hypotension as the sole feature of a CRMP-5 paraneoplastic autonomic neuropathy in a patient with small cell lung cancer.[] […] and autonomic neuropathy.[] The bladder problems tend to improve earlier than orthostatic hypotension.[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    He subsequently developed severe bradycardia and refractory hypotension, which initially responded to dopamine infusion.[] Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy (AMAN) No sensory deficits Associated with epidemics following C. jejuni enteritis.[] Shortly after uncomplicated intubation she developed hypotension and a profound tachycardia.[]

  • Acute Pandysautonomia

    hypotension were present.[] […] demyelinating neuropathy motor as well as sensory component and responding to IVIG.[] Diagnostic Approach The differential diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy is significantly narrowed by a focused clinical assessment that addresses several key issues ( Figure[]

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    A 32-year-old black man from rural southeastern Texas had headache, fever, chills, bronchopneumonia, and an atypical rash, complicated by hypotension, lethargy, confusion,[] Long-term neurologic sequelae of RMSF include cognitive impairment; paraparesis; hearing loss; blindness; peripheral neuropathy; bowel and bladder incontinence; cerebellar[] The endothelial cell injury triggers a series of important physiological modifications, like increased vascular permeability, edema, hypotension and hypoalbuminemia, which[]

  • Neuropathy

    Treating postural hypotension Patients with postural hypotension may be prescribed certain blood pressure raising medications or may benefit from support stockings to prevent[] Traumas, such as from motor vehicle accidents, falls or sports injuries, can sever or damage peripheral nerves.[] Disorders such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease are hereditary types of neuropathy. Trauma or pressure on the nerve.[]

  • Diabetic Neuropathy

    Therapy with fluoxetine did not result in exacerbation of the orthostatic hypotension.[] Diabetic neuropathy affects all peripheral nerves including sensory neurons, motor neurons, but rarely affects the autonomic nervous system.[] […] associated with DN's three major components: sensitive (lack of motion associated sensory), motor (impairments in movement coordination) and autonomic (the presence of postural hypotension[]

  • Polyneuropathy

    Disease process involving several peripheral nerves (literal sense). 2.[] She had sensory disturbance, movement disorder due to muscle weakness, and autonomic nervous system disorders including orthostatic hypotension and dysuria.[] Although only four patients manifested orthostatic hypotension during the head-up tilt test, CVR-R, responses to the Valsalva manoeuvre, and myocardial MIBG uptake indicated[]

  • Diabetic Polyneuropathy

    Signs and symptoms [ edit ] Illustration depicting areas affected by diabetic neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy affects all peripheral nerves including sensory neurons, motor[] KEYWORDS: Autonomic dysfunction; blood flow; blood pressure regulation; orthostatic hypotension[] In a stepwise regression analysis, orthostatic hypotension, high risk for OSA, and PDPN (DN4 interview) were independent determinants of in systolic BP (r 0.46; P 0.0001),[]

  • Alcoholic Neuropathy

    Rarely if the neuropathy is severe patients may also develop peripheral weakness (motor symptoms).[] Postural hypotension and denervation hypersensitivity were absent in all patients examined. A quantitative assessment of baroreceptor function was made.[] Clinical manifestations include variable degrees of weakness; atrophy; paresthesias; pain; loss of reflexes; sensory loss; diaphoresis; and postural hypotension.[]

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