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11 Possible Causes for Hypothermia, Patient Appears Acutely Ill, Tactile Hallucination

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    […] disturbances 0 None 1 Mild itching (e.g., pins and needles, burning, numbness) 7 Continuous hallucinations Auditory disturbances 0 Not present 1 Mild harshness or ability[] 2014 at 3:41 pm Jake Anderson (credit: CBS) MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The 19-year-old University of Minnesota student found dead near the Stone Arch Bridge in December died of hypothermia[] Symptoms range from changes in behavior to severe hypothermia, vomiting, altered consciousness, coma, and respiratory insufficiency that may be fatal.[]

  • Benzodiazepine Overdose

    Cocaine Mechanism block biogenic amine (DA, NE, 5HT) reuptake Intoxication presentation mental status changes euphoria, psychomotor agitation, grandiosity, hallucinations[] Hypothermia may occur. Serious complications are more likely when newer short-acting agents are involved or when other depressant drugs have been ingested.[] 3.7 Overdose Overdose with a benzodiazepine can cause drowsiness, dysarthria and nystagmus ; very large overdose may cause hypothermia and rhabdomyolysis.[]

  • Overdose

    (typically visual or tactile, less commonly auditory, olfactory, or vestibular), restlessness, distractibility, tremor {which is sometimes gross), sweating. tachycardia,[] If hypothermia is present, follow the recommendations in Part 12.9: “Cardiac Arrest in Accidental Hypothermia.”[] ., hyperthermia/hypothermia). Passing out or an unresponsive loss of consciousness.[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

    hallucinations Uncontrollable tremors Seizures DTs can be fatal without treatment, due to the increased risk of developing respiratory arrest, aspiration pneumonitis, or[] […] history of alcohol dependence who shows one or more of the following: evidence of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, acute confusion, memory disturbance, unexplained hypotension, hypothermia[] The main symptoms of delirium tremens are nightmares, agitation, global confusion, disorientation, visual and auditory hallucinations, tactile hallucinations, fever, high[]

  • Phencyclidine Intoxication

    Cocaine Mechanism block biogenic amine (DA, NE, 5HT) reuptake Intoxication presentation mental status changes euphoria, psychomotor agitation, grandiosity, hallucinations[] Classical measures should be used for medical crises, including seizures, hypothermia, and hypertensive crisis.[] Tactile hallucinations are especially typical of stimulant psychosis, such as the sensation of something crawling under the skin (formication).[]

  • Hallucinogen Abuse

    This can be in the form of visual or tactile hallucinations and may be tough to differentiate from cocaine induced psychosis and other psychiatric illnesses that are unrelated[] Some physical side effects include: Analgesia (inability to feel pain) Hyperthermia Hypothermia Respiratory failure Memory loss Blurred vision Dilated pupils Speech impairment[] LSD can cause tremors, euphoria, anxiety, paranoia, mood swings, sweating, hypothermia, increased heart rate, cardiac arrest, dilated pupils, horrifying thoughts and/or severe[]

  • Alcoholic Gastritis

    ., sweating or pulse rate greater than 100), increased hand tremor, insomnia, nausea or vomiting, transient visual, tactile or auditory hallucinations or illusions, psychomotor[] […] non-traffic injuries that are assessed using direct estimates of AAF from this study include air-space transport, aspiration, child maltreatment, drowning, falls, fires, firearms, hypothermia[] […] or auditory hallucinations or illusions, psychomotor agitation, anxiety or grand mal seizures (b) Alcohol or other substances are taken to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms[]

  • Cocaine Abuse

    hallucinations ("coke bugs") Sexual dysfunction in both males and females Reproductive damage and infertility Sudden death - even one use can cause overdose or death Addiction[] […] of cocaine can lead to coma and even death resulting from the following symptoms: Tremors and muscle twitching Nausea and vomiting Chest pain Heart attack Kidney failure Hypothermia[] hallucinations Sexual problems, reproductive damage and infertility (for both men and women) Disorientation, apathy, confused exhaustion Irritability and mood disturbances[]

  • Crack Ingestion

    hallucinations Heart attack and heart disease Stroke Respiratory failure Brain seizures Sexual dysfunction (for both men and women) Reproductive damage and infertility (for[] The patients developed severe illness within 12 h of ingesting ecstasy, suggesting that there is an acute drop in serum Na concentration secondary to unrestricted fluid ingestion[] […] meprobamate, glutethimide, alcohols, zolpidem ( USA) Supportive Rule out traumatic injuries Opiate Sedation, diminished respiratory drive – responsive to naloxone Miosis, hypothermia[]

  • Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

    Often this is associated with the tactile (feeling) hallucinations in which alcoholics think they feel insects crawling on their skin.[] Clinically the patient appears acutely ill with dehydration, tachypnea, tachycardia, and diffuse abdominal pain.[] Some cases also displayed concomitant respiratory acidosis, hypothermia, hypoxia and/or hemorrhage.[]

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