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329 Possible Causes for Hypouricemia

  • Xanthinuria

    Hypouricemia is also a biochemical marker for primary hereditary renal hypouricemia (see this term).[] A disorder [MIM*278300], characterized by urinary excretion of xanthine in place of uric acid, hypouricemia, and occasionally the formation of renal xanthine stones.[] Martin NE, Garcia Nieto V (2011) Hypouricemia and tubular transport of uric acid.[]

  • Proximal Renal Tubular Acidosis

    Laboratory studies revealed a hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis without aciduria, hypokalemia, hypouricemia with uricosuria, hypercalciuria, LMW proteinuria, phosphaturia,[] ., normal anion gap ) Hypokalemia that worsens with alkaline therapy Fanconi syndrome Hypouricemia Hypophosphatemia Urine Urine pH 5.5 Bicarbonate infusion test : Urine pH[]

  • Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion

    Hypouricemia ( 48 ).[] Uric acid: Hypouricemia frequently is seen in patients with SIADH during the period of hyponatremia.[] Hypouricemia and an elevated FEUA may be seen in either salt-wasting syndromes or SIADH.[]

  • Cannabis Abuse

    Pélissier, Fanny MD * ; Claudet, Isabelle MD, MSc † ; Pélissier-Alicot, Anne-Laure MD, PhD ‡ ; Franchitto, Nicolas MD, PhD * doi: 10.1097/PEC.0000000000000288 Original Articles Abstract Author Information Cannabis intoxication in toddlers is rare and mostly accidental. Our objectives were to focus on the characteristics[…][]

  • Hereditary Renal Hypouricemia

    […] disorder characterized by low blood uric... more » See also: Renal hypouricemia : » Introduction: Renal hypouricemia » Symptoms of Renal hypouricemia Hereditary renal hypouricemia[] Investigation of unexplained hypouricemia exclusion of secondary causes of hypouricemia ![] Home Documents Hereditary Renal Hypouricemia: A New Role for Allopurinol? Hereditary Renal Hypouricemia: A New Role for Allopurinol?[]

  • Gitelman Syndrome

    The cause of hyponatremia was attributed to SIADH although no hypouricemia was documented and follow-up clinical data specifically related to serum sodium and treatment of[] […] an idiosyncratic mechanism. [4] , [5] The propensity of TIH to affect elderly, females and frail individuals along with clinical euvolemia, a low blood urea nitrogen and hypouricemia[]

  • Hypoalbuminemia

    Small molecules Blood sugar Hypoglycemia Hyperglycemia Prediabetes Impaired fasting glucose Impaired glucose tolerance Oxyhyperglycemia Nitrogenous Azotemia Hyperuricemia Hypouricemia[]

  • Aspirin

    While aspirin may prevent heart attacks and strokes, a commonly used coating to protect the stomach may obscure the benefits, leading doctors to prescribe more expensive prescription drugs, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Circulation. The conclusion about coated aspirin was only one finding[…][]

  • Celiac Disease

    Study of a potentially fatal food-triggered disease has uncovered a process that may contribute to many autoimmune disorders My vote for the most important scientific revolution of all time would trace back 10,000 years ago to the Middle East, when people first noticed that new plants arise from seeds falling to[…][]

  • Chlorpropamide

    Home » Diabetes » Chlorpropamide Pay with Bitcoin and get 20% discount! Click here . Chlorpropamide Generic name: Chlorpropamide Brand names: Adiaben; Apo-Chlorpropamide; Asucrol; Catanil; Chlorodiabina; Chloronase; Chloropropamide; Chlorpropamid; Chlorpropamide; Chlorpropamide Bp/ Usp; Clorpropamide; Diabaril;[…][]

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