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25 Possible Causes for Icterus Gravis Neonatorum, Jaundice

  • Fetal Erythroblastosis

    They can range from mild anemia and jaundice to fetal death in utero .[] […] disease hemolytic newborns , erythroblastosis fetalis , disease hemolytic newborn , disease hemolytic of newborn , diseases hemolytic newborn , icterus gravis neonatorum ,[] […] in the blood of an Rh-positive fetus which cross the placenta and destroy fetal erythrocytes and that is characterized by an increase in circulating erythroblasts and by jaundice[]

  • Polycythemia Neonatorum

    Gallery images and information: Diagnosis Polycythemia Neonatorum pic source Neonatal Jaundice 1 638 x 479 jpeg 79kB pic source Neonatal Jaundice 1 638 x 479 jpeg 54kB pic[] Icterus gravis neonatorum. Erythroblastosis fetalis. Congenital anaemia of newborn.[] P59.3 Neonatal jaundice from breast milk inhibitor P59.8 Neonatal jaundice from other specified causes P59.9 Neonatal jaundice, unspecified P60 Disseminated intravascular[]

  • Maternofetal Transfusion

    The skin is inspected for extent of jaundice. Gentle pressure on the skin can help reveal the presence of jaundice.[] Obstet Gynecol 79: 390, 1992 63 Selbing A, Stangenberg M, Westgren M, Rahman F: Intrauterine intravascular transfusions in fetal erythroblastosis: The influence of net transfusion[] Some of the most common causes of neonatal jaundice include Physiologic hyperbilirubinemia Breastfeeding jaundice Breast milk jaundice Pathologic hyperbilirubinemia due to[]

  • Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

    A 21-year-old Japanese man was admitted to our hospital because of severe abdominal pain and jaundice.[] […] erythremic myelosis 赤血病性骨髄症 erythroblastic leukemia 赤芽球性白血病 erythroblastic multinuclearity 赤芽球性多核 erythroblastopenia 赤芽球減少症 erythroblastosis 赤芽球症 erythroblastosis fetalis/fetal[] An 8-year-old boy was referred to the Hepatology Clinic after an abrupt onset of jaundice with a longstanding history of dermatitis.[]

  • Hydrops Fetalis

    , Neonatal/diagnosis Jaundice, Neonatal/etiology Jaundice, Neonatal/therapy Microscopy, Electron Phototherapy Pregnancy[] Metastasizing fetal neuroblastoma with involvement of the placenta simulating fetal erythroblastosis. Report of two cases.[] Compound heterozygosity for α(0)-thalassemia (α(0)-thal) and Hb CS (- -(SEA)/α(CS)α) results in Hb H/Hb CS disease, which is generally characterized with mild hemolytic anemia, jaundice[]

  • Sepsis of Newborn due to Other and Unspecified Streptococci

    […] due to other excessive haemolysis P580 Neonatal jaundice due to bruising P581 Neonatal jaundice due to bleeding P582 Neonatal jaundice due to infection P583 Neonatal jaundice[] Synonyms : Erythroblastosis Fetalis,Erythroblastoses, Fetal,Erythroblastosis Fetali,Fetal Erythroblastoses,Fetal Erythroblastosis,Fetali, Erythroblastosis,Fetalis, Erythroblastosis[] […] due to bruising P58.1 Neonatal jaundice due to bleeding P58.2 Neonatal jaundice due to infection P58.3 Neonatal jaundice due to polycythaemia P58.4 Neonatal jaundice due[]

  • Erythropoietic Coproporphyria

    Sickle cells are more fragile and causes hemolytic anemia and jaundice. ii.[] […] erythremic myelosis 赤血病性骨髄症 erythroblastic leukemia 赤芽球性白血病 erythroblastic multinuclearity 赤芽球性多核 erythroblastopenia 赤芽球減少症 erythroblastosis 赤芽球症 erythroblastosis fetalis/fetal[] If these measures are ineffective (eg, patients have increasing photosensitivity, rising porphyrin levels, progressive jaundice), giving hematin and/or RBC hypertransfusion[]

  • Bencze Syndrome

    Clinical: Jaundice; edema; liver and spleen palpable; cutaneous purpura; bleeding from mucosa. Kasper DL, et al., eds.[] Hemolytic Anemia of Newborns (Icterus Gravis Neonatorum; Erythroblastosis Fetalis) 569 General: Rh-positive/negative infant carried by an Rh-positive/negative mother; isoimmunization[]

  • Congenital Cortical Hyperostoses

    Congenital familial nonhemolytic jaundice with kernicterus. Pediatrics. 1952 Aug; 10 (2):169–180. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] DAHR P.[] Dysplasia, Baumann Type Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, Dyserythropoietic Anemia, and Calvarial Hyperostosis exostosis Fairbank Disease Faye-Petersen Ward Carey Syndrome fetal[] 獲得性免疫缺損綜合癥 Acroosteolysis syndrome [醫]肢端骨質溶解綜合征 Acute abdominal pain syndrome [醫]急性腹痛綜合征 Acute benign hemorrhagic glomerulonephritic syndrome [醫]急性良性出血性腎小球腎炎綜合征 Acute cholestatic jaundice[]

  • Placental Disorder

    […] gravis Mycosis fungoides Myelodysplastic syndromes Myeloproliferative neoplasms Myocarditis Myotonic syndromes Narcolepsy Nasal papilloma Necrotizing enterocolitis Neonatal jaundice[] erythroblastosis will be evidence that it was not a sudden death...fetus went through a stage of at least subacute severe hypoxia [L07-7915].[] […] ischemia Intracerebral hemorrhage Intrauterine growth restriction Intravenous anaesthetics Intussusception Iron deficiency anemia Irritable bowel syndrome Japanese encephalitis Jaundice[]

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