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1,262 Possible Causes for Ileus, Pancreatitis

  • Acute Pancreatitis

    Weekend AP admissions were more likely to develop alcohol withdrawal (5.9% vs 5.7%, P 0.001) and ileus (4.1% vs 3.1%, P 0.04).[] (H&E, ob.x10) Acute pancreatitis (Acute hemorrhagic pancreatic necrosis) (detail) The acute pancreatitis ( acute hemorrhagic pancreatic necrosis ).[] This case of abdominal distension could not be explained by common causes, such as ascites, bowel edema, hematoma, bowel distension, or ileus, which led us to suspect pancreatitis[]

  • Acute Cholecystitis

    There was one readmission for ileus. CONCLUSION: Severity grading of AC is not the sole determinant of early LC. Patient comorbidity also impacts clinical decision.[] […] successful management of acute cholecystitis using cystic duct stent placement in 3 patients with inoperable malignant cystic duct obstruction (2 cholangiocarcinoma and 1 pancreatic[] Nothing is given orally, and nasogastric suction is instituted if vomiting or an ileus is present.[]

  • Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis

    Plain radiography of the abdomen is a useful initial method that might detect dilated bowel loops, ileus and in most severe cases, free air within the abdomen and gas in the[] We describe the computed tomography (CT) appearances of four patients with acute or acute on chronic (case 3) pancreatitis which demonstrated isolated superior mesenteric[] After surgery the patient presented chronic diarrhea resistant to oral pancreatic enzymes.[]

  • Decreased Bowel Sounds

    One must ascultate for a mininum of five minutes before declaring an absence of bowel sounds. [1] Differential Diagnosis Common Causes Intestinal obstruction Adynamic ileus[] Podcast: Play in new window Download Acute/chronic pancreatitis Things to Know Ranson Criteria on Admission is an indicator of disease severity Age 55 years old WBC 16,000[] Another cause of meconium ileus is cystic fibrosis.[]

  • Ileus

    See Meconium ileus, Paralytic ileus.[] OBJECTIVE: To analyze the therapeutic effects of somatostatin retained enema in the treatment of pancreatic ileus in the clinic.[] Extensive necrosis was defined as 30% nonenhancing pancreatic parenchyma on contrast-enhanced CT.[]

  • Abdominal Visceral Abscess

    Ileus Pathologic distention of bowel loops may be caused by obstruction or paralysis.[] […] of a liver abscess in a patient with a history of chronic pancreatitis.[] Peritonitis may be further complicated by ileus, sepsis , or abdominal compartment syndrome .[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    Another cause of meconium ileus is cystic fibrosis.[] The prognosis of pancreatic cancer remains poor, even after initial surgical therapy.[] All admitted patients were pancreatic insufficient.[]

  • Meconium Ileus

    Survival at 1 year was 92% in patients with uncomplicated meconium ileus and 89% for those with complicated meconium ileus.[] Cox proportional hazards regression model was used to assess the effect of MI and genotype on development of pancreatic insufficiency.[] These data indicate that expressing CFTR in intestine without pancreatic or hepatic correction is sufficient to rescue meconium ileus.[]

  • Acute Peritonitis

    Complications:  Systemic complications:  Bacterimic or endotoxic shock  SIRS  MODS  Abdominal Complications:  Paralytic ileus  Residual/recurrent abscess/ Inflammatory[] […] peritonitis include perforation of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, gallbladder, bile duct, bowel, appendix, colon, rectum, and bladder; trauma; intestinal obstruction; pancreatitis[] The most difficult diferenciacija from colic (hepatic, renal, lead), tablecheck crises, spastic and paralytic ileus, bleeding into the retroperitoneal tissue.[]

  • Subphrenic Abscess

    Additionally, gastrointestinal disorders like ileus may be reported. In some cases, pathological reduction of bowel movements may be the only symptom of an SA.[] The pancreatic head had to be resected, which was complicated with recurrent subphrenic abscesses.[] To reduce paralytic ileus 4. To eliminate the primary source of infection by means of excision, closure or isolation 5.[]

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