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75 Possible Causes for Ileus, Pelvic Hematoma

  • Traumatic Rupture of the Bladder

    Additionally, the bladder may assume a teardrop shape secondary to compression from a pelvic hematoma.[] […] enhanced study for diagnosis of bladder rupture Bladder needs to be fully distended and evaluation of a post-voiding film essential Plain film: "Pear-shaped" bladder Paralytic ileus[] Sign and Symptoms of Bladder Injury Pelvic fracture: Pelvic pain, pelvic instability, shock, gluteal hematoma, abdominal tenderness.[]

  • Retroperitoneal Hematoma

    One complication of femoral artery catheterization is postprocedure pelvic hematoma. These hematomas can be difficult to differentiate from adnexal masses.[] Patients generally do not present with a paralytic ileus secondary to retro-bleed.[] Centro-medial hematoma was found in 31 patients, lateral hematoma in 36 patients, pelvic hematoma in 35 and pelvic-central hematoma in six patients.[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    […] related to underlying etiology Risk Factors Previous abdominal and/or pelvic surgery (particularly with open surgical techniques) Hernia Chronic constipation Cholelithiasis[] Another cause of meconium ileus is cystic fibrosis.[] Paralytic ileus; Intestinal volvulus; Bowel obstruction; Ileus; Pseudo-obstruction - intestinal; Colonic ileus; Small bowel obstruction Harris JW, Evers BM.[]

  • Pelvic Fracture

    The pseudoaneurysm was successfully treated with selective coil embolization and hematoma evacuation.[] A 65-year-old female was presented at our hospital for further examination and treatment of ileus.[] Contrast-enhanced computed tomography showed a left external iliac vein laceration with active bleeding and retroperitoneal hematoma as well as complex pelvic and left supracondylar[]

  • Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage

    Contrast computed tomography (CT) revealed an extensive abdominal-pelvic, retroperitoneal hematoma extending approximately 15 cm in length from above L5 cephalad to below[] Does anyone know why retroperitoneal hemorrhage can lead to paralytic ileus? TIA Any stress on the body can cause an ileus.[] Surgery After blunt trauma, selected retroperitoneal hematomas in the lateral perirenal and pelvic areas do not require operation and should not be opened if discovered at[]

  • Abdominal Injury

    Most common in this situation are mesenteric hematoma, devascularization of the bowel, severe damage leading to rupture of the bowel wall, bruising, and hemorrhage of the[] […] compartment syndrome and abdominal sepsis. de Das lebensbedrohliche abdominelle Kompartmentsyndrom , meist hervorgerufen durch schweres abdominelles Trauma, Aortenruptur oder Ileus[] Minor complications such as wound infection, chest infection and prolonged ileus have not been included in the table. There were 3 deaths among the 47 patients.[]

  • Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

    RESULTS: Early results revealed adhesive peritonitis and ileus for three patients demanding early reoperation (13%) and a hospital mortality rate of 13% (three deaths, mainly[] Complications of abdominal injuries can be acute (eg, bleeding) or delayed (eg, abscess, obstruction or ileus, delayed hematoma rupture).[] Delayed consequences of abdominal injury include Hematoma rupture Intra-abdominal abscess Bowel obstruction or ileus Biliary leakage and/or biloma Abdominal compartment syndrome[]

  • Septic Shock

    The most common complication is low-grade fever, but rarely, pelvic infection, groin hematoma, iliac artery perforation, transient buttock ischemia, transient foot ischemia[] On Day 6 of second cycle of chemotherapy with carboplatin and paclitaxel, he developed sudden febrile neutropenia, septic shock and ileus, leading to death.[] Late in the course, massive abdominal distention, paralytic ileus, pneumatosis intestinalis, and transmural bowel necrosis may develop; the progression of the clinical course[]

  • Hemoperitoneum

    […] formed by the intra-pelvic medial migration of the K wire.[] […] to tuberculosis, the case of a 20-year-old male who presented with Hemoperitoneum, a general surgical complication which occurred due to the rupture of a retro-peritoneal hematoma[]

  • Pelvic Hematoma

    Obstructive uropathy is a very rare but possible example of complication secondary to an extensive pelvic hematoma.[] The patient developed ileus, but she recovered from this after a few days.[] 強調横断像 01)重複腎盂尿管(duplication of renal pelvis and ureter) 02)腹壁瘢痕ヘルニア(cicatrical ventral hernia) 03)髄膜嚢胞(meningeal cyst) 04)リンパ嚢腫(lymphoceleまたはlymphocyst) 05)癒着性イレウス(adhesive ileus[]

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