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1,100 Possible Causes for Immunodeficiency Is Progressive

  • Anemia

    […] from HIV infection to autoimmune immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), with a correlation between CD4 T-lymphocyte counts and Hb levels. 7,16 The causes of anemia in HIV/AIDS[] […] virus (HIV)–infected patients can have serious implications, which vary from functional and quality-of-life decrements to an association with disease progression and decreased[] […] antiretroviral therapy (HAART). 7 Anemia still occurs at high rates when HIV therapy regimens include zidovudine (AZT). 7 The incidence of anemia increases with disease progression[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Co-infection appears to increase the risk of progression of liver disease and may have important ramifications on choice of antiviral medication and treatment regimen.[] However, the rate at which HIV progresses varies depending on age, general health and background. Basic facts about HIV HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus.[] When HIV is at its most advanced stage, an individual is said to have AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).[]

  • Stomatitis

    Progressive multifocal leucoencephalophaty with unusual inflammatory response during antiretroviral therapy for human immunodeficiency virus infection.[]

  • Oral Candidiasis

    Carriage frequency, intensity of carriage, and strains of oral yeast species vary in the progression to oral candidiasis in human immunodeficiency virus-positive individuals[] Bloodroot ( sanguinaria ) Physical exam Diagnosis of exclusion Biopsy Vulvar lesions occur independent of oral lesions Associated with HIV Persistant white spots Benign but can progress[] BY 2.5, Leukoplakia White leathery spots on the mucous membranes of the tongue and inside of the mouth Lateral borders of tongue Atypical Tobacco use Chronic irritation Immunodeficiency[]

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    A rapidly progressive, painful polyneuropathy affecting the feet and hands may be the first clinical sign of HIV infection.[] The virus can cause several different forms of neuropathy, each strongly associated with a specific stage of active immunodeficiency disease.[]

  • Toxoplasmosis

    In immunodeficient individuals and in some apparently immunologically healthy patients, the acute infection progresses, resulting in potentially lethal consequences such as[]

  • Thrombocytopenia

    Patients with Chédiak-Higashi syndrome have severe immunodeficiency due to abnormal lymphocyte lytic granules and progressive neurologic degeneration.[]

  • Pneumonia

    Common symptoms of PCP include progressive shortness of breath, nonproductive cough, and low‐grade fever.[] Symptomatic, tissue invasive disease is rare and limited to immunocompromised individuals, mainly patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) before immune[]

  • Subcutaneous Abscess

    Tests for human immunodeficiency virus were negative.[] The patient received 8 weeks of standard antituberculous treatment, but the infection progressed, with increased swelling, erythema, and fluctuation of the subcutaneous abscess[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    A major obstacle to understanding these sequelae has been the lack of an efficient animal model for EBV infection, although progress in primate and mouse models has recently[] […] disease. 3 Therapy for CAEBV is unsatisfactory and, at best, progression of disease is temporarily delayed.[] X-linked lymphoproliferative disease: a progressive immunodeficiency. Annu. Rev. Immunol. 19 : 657 -682. 137. Mosser, D. M., and X. Zhang. 2008.[]

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