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18 Possible Causes for Immunoglobulin A Decreased, Non-Pitting Edema, Pediatric Disorder

  • Kwashiorkor

    Bipedal non-pitting edema may occur in the legs due to the osmotic imbalance.[] […] cytokines and secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA).[] […] primer on the disorders and diseases that may affect the gastrointestinal tract in neonates and children.[]

  • Congenital Exophthalmos

    Graves' disease might present clinically with one of the following characteristic signs: exophthalmos (protuberance of one or both eyes) a non-pitting edema (pretibial myxedema[] Diagnosis is with serum thyroxine (T4), free T4, triiodothyronine (T3), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH); both thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (TSI) and TSH receptor[] Ophthalmology & Eye Alignment Disorders Accommodative Esotropia Amblyopia Eye Movement Disorders Strabismus Retina & Vitreous Cystoid Macular Edema Diabetic Retinopathy Dry[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    Abdomen is soft, non-tender, non-distended and without masses or shifting dullness. No hepatosplenomegaly. He has normal male genitalia with no scrotal edema.[] Author information 1 Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Child Development and Disorders, Key Laboratory of Pediatrics in Chongqing, Chongqing International Science and[] Proposed explanations for the increased infection risk include the following: Urinary immunoglobulin losses Edema fluid acting as a culture medium Protein deficiency Decreased[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    On day 6, he developed bilateral non-purulent conjunctivitis, palmar erythema, bilateral non-pitting edema and erythema of his feet, and arthritis.[] (pediatric cardiologists).[] Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) is an effective treatment and decreases the risk of cardiac complications to less than 5%.[]

  • Sclerema Neonatorum

    […] occur in cold season, during first 3 days or any time in preterm infants Low body temperature Scleredema 13. feature: skin and subcutaneous tissue become indurated, woody, non-pitting[] Similar to ET, intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) enhances both humoral and cellular immunity and thus may decrease mortality associated with SN.[] Frieden, two of the most important names in the fields of dermatology and pediatrics.[]

  • Hypothyroidism

    There is pitting or non pitting edema in extremities. Nervous Headaches, paresthesia and forgetfulness are common.[] Question 18: Does treatment with LT4 or intravenous immunoglobulin therapy decrease the risk for pregnancy loss in euthyroid women with thyroid autoimmunity?[] Subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) is a quite common disorder in the pediatric age group.[]

  • Anasarca

    Non-pitting edema is where there is swelling of a body part with no indentation upon applying pressure. Pitting edema is the more common type of edema.[] Hematology, Oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Rick Wilson Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders b Department of Pathology, Children's Hospital Colorado, University[] We speculate that low immunity due to decreased immunoglobulin in patients with OHSS makes them prone to SBP.[]

  • Polyarthritis

    Remitting symmetric seronegative synovitis with pitting edema (RS3PE) secondary to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Clin Exp Rheumatol 1998;16:767-8. 7. Li H, Altman RD, Yao Q.[] Following treatment, immunoglobulins and sFcR levels were reduced, whereas membrane CD64 was only decreased in patients with good response to treatment.[] We report on pediatric patient with Nijmegen breakage syndrome (NBS), a rare DNA repair disorder characterized by microcephaly, immunodeficiency and predisposition to malignant[]

  • Hyperthyroidism

    Pretibial Myxedema: While this may be seen in severe hypothyroidism and is described as non pitting edema of the lower shins, it may also be present in patients with Graves[] […] inhibitor immunoglobulin during antithyroid drug treatment.[] "The thyroid gland and its disorders". Principles and practice of pediatric endocrinology. Charles C Thomas. 2005. pp. 312-14.[]

  • Paraneoplastic Syndrome

    Remitting seronegative symmetrical synovitis with pitting edema associated with acute myeloid leukemia . J. Rheumatol. 32 , 1613–1614 (2004). 66. Tada, Y. et al .[] […] intravenous immunoglobulin, or irradiation.[] J Pediatr 78:230–237 PubMed Google Scholar 30.[]

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