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3,592 Possible Causes for Impaired Exercise Tolerance, Meralgia Paresthetica, Palpitations

  • Obesity

    Meralgia paresthetica and tight trousers. JAMA 1984 ; 251 : 1553. 23. Meralgia paresthetica in a policeman: The belt or the gun.[] […] counselling; educational package Broom w3 531 with hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance, or dyslipidaemia, 1 year follow-up (UK) 46 37.1 101 Orlistat 120 mg three times[] , thrill- or sensation-seeking behavior), and psychasthenia, which is characterized by tiredness, concentration and memory difficulties, and various sensations including palpitations[]

  • Morbid Obesity

    The later phenomenon may occur following ingestion of a meal high in carbohydrates and may result in diaphoresis, nausea, palpitations, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or lightheadedness[]

  • Anemia

    […] include fatigue, pallor, tachycardia, poor exercise tolerance, and suboptimal work performance. 14 Depleted blood reserves during delivery may increase the need for blood[] Symptoms of anemia may include the following: Fatigue weakness shortness of breath lightheadedness palpitations (feeling of the heart racing or beating irregularly) looking[] Severe anemia may lead to shortness of breath, pale complexion, dry nails, palpitations etc.[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Hypoglycemia

    Hypoglycemia, which is characterized mainly by palpitations, dizziness, and sweating, is common and easy to identify.[] Some examples of such symptoms include: Tremors Sweating Palpitations Anxiety and feeling of dread Restlessness Dizziness The brain is particularly vulnerable during a hypoglycemic[] Hypoglycemia may cause: Sweating Nervousness Lightheadedness Heart palpitations Hunger Headache Tingling feeling around the mouth As hypoglycemia worsens, it may cause: Fatigue[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Heart Failure

    Numerous mechanisms unrelated to hemodynamic dysfunction may underlie impaired exercise tolerance in patients with chronic heart failure.[] A 35-year-old Japanese man was emergently admitted to our hospital with chief complaints of palpitation and dyspnea. He has been treated for Basedow's disease.[] We report a case of heart failure in a 35-year-old man who presented with palpitations.[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Congestive Heart Failure

    The impairment of exercise tolerance indicated by NYHA classification was markedly improved by PD for both groups.[] A 56-year-old man was admitted because of palpitations and dyspnea.[] Numerous mechanisms unrelated to hemodynamic dysfunction may underlie impaired exercise tolerance in patients with chronic heart failure.[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Symptoms Fatigue Weakness Shortness of breath Palpitations (a feeling of having an irregular heartbeat) Diminished athletic performance Sports Medicine Evaluation and Treatment[] Patients may complain of: Fatigue Pallor Weakness Headache Palpitations Dizziness Dyspnea Irritability Poor concentration, impaired development Hair loss Impaired temperature[] Symptoms may include: Feeling weak or tired more often than usual, or with exercise Headaches Dizziness Palpitations Problems concentrating or thinking As the anemia gets[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Cardiomyopathy

    Symptoms include palpitations and fainting after physical activity.[] At a clinic visit 5 months later, she had received no ICD shocks and reported no symptoms of severe palpitations.[] Palpitation Palpitation is an uncomfortable awareness of the heart beat. People may occasionally feel an extra beat or a skipped beat and this is usually normal.[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome

    Less than ordinary activity causes fatigue, palpitation, dyspnea, or anginal pain.[] Ordinary physical activity results in fatigue, palpitation, dyspnoea (shortness of breath). III Marked limitation of physical activity. Comfortable at rest.[] Symptoms other than pain included dyspnoea at rest, exertional dyspnoea, sweating, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurry vision, presyncope, syncope, palpitation, weakness and[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Atrial Fibrillation

    Harvey observed ineffective palpitation of the atrium just before death. This was probably atrial fibrillation.[] This usually presents as palpitations, dyspnea, dizziness, fatigue, and weakness among afflicted patients.[] He correlated gross irregularities (palpitation) with necropsy observation of mitral valve disease and dilatation of the left ventricle.[]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica

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