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100 Possible Causes for Inability to Stand on Tiptoes, Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size

  • Muscular Dystrophy

    Muscle biopsies of the proband showed large variations in muscle fiber size, necrotic and regenerating fibers and an increase in endomysial collagen tissue.[] variation in muscle fiber size not segregated by motor unit.[] Myopathic changes are noted on electromyography (rapidly recruited, short duration, low-amplitude motor unit potentials) and, when done, muscle biopsy shows necrosis and marked[]

  • Fracture

    Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Background Vitamin D and related compounds have been used to prevent osteoporotic fractures in older people. This is the third update of a Cochrane review first published in 1996. Objectives To determine the effects of vitamin D or related compounds, with or without[…][]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size
  • Lumbar Disk Herniation

    BACKGROUND: Endoscopic spine surgery has become increasingly popular. However, no study has researched the predictive factors for different outcomes. This study is the first to evaluate the outcome predictors of the transforaminal endoscopic spine system (TESSYS) technique for lumbar disk herniation (LDH).[…][]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size
  • Morton's Metatarsalgia

    Abstract The results of 79 high resolution ultrasound examinations of the forefoot that were performed for suspected Morton's metatarsalgia were retrospectively assessed. Scans were only obtained if the pain was poorly localized or if there were atypical features that made the clinical diagnosis uncertain.[…][]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture

    Inability to stand on tiptoe. If the tendon is completely torn, you may feel a gap just above the back of the heel.[] Patients may notice an inability to stand on tiptoe and altered gait (inability to push off with the affected foot). Examination Observe gait.[]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size
  • Sacral Radiculopathy

    J Neurosurg Spine. 2013 May;18(5):524-8. doi: 10.3171/2013.2.SPINE12497. Epub 2013 Mar 22. Author information 1 Department of Neurological Surgery, Methodist Neurological Institute, Houston, Texas 77030, USA. Abstract Percutaneous sacroplasty is a procedure adapted from vertebroplasty, which is[…][]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size
  • Ankle Fracture

    BACKGROUND: Posttraumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) can occur after intra-articular fracture despite anatomic fracture reduction. It has been hypothesized that an early inflammatory response after intra-articular injury could lead to irreversible cartilage damage that progresses to PTOA. Therefore, in addition to[…][]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size
  • Cellulitis of the Foot

    Cellulitis is a condition used to describe an infection in the tissue just beneath the surface of the skin. The condition can range from a simple infection to a limb and/or life threatening one. Infections are a result of bacteria entering through the skin via injury or ulceration. The type of bacteria, duration of[…][]

    Missing: Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Duchenne muscular dystrophy: The best-known form of muscular dystrophy, due to mutation in a gene on the X chromosome that prevents the production of dystrophin, a normal protein in muscle. DMD affects boys and, very rarely, girls. DMD typically appears between the ages of two with weakness in the pelvis and[…][]

    Missing: Inability to Stand on Tiptoes
  • Becker Muscular Dystrophy

    The muscle biopsy was myopathic with increased fiber size variation and many internal nuclei, but no dystrophy. No comorbidity was found.[] In both cases, western blot showed a reduced dystrophin band. Genetic evaluation revealed a deletion of exon 26 of the dystrophin gene in both.[]

    Missing: Inability to Stand on Tiptoes

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