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25 Possible Causes for Incarcerated Hernia, Loss of Appetite, Richter's Hernia

  • Indirect Inguinal Hernia

    Nearly 13% (18 of 141) of the children developed incarcerated hernia prior to elective repair.[] Richter's hernia Only part of the circumference of the bowel (usually the anti-mesenteric border) is trapped within the hernial sac ( Richter's hernia. ).[] They may also have loss of appetite, abnormal bowel patterns, and / or tenderness of the groin area and swelling of the abdomen.[]

  • Richter's Inguinal Hernia

    Incarcerated inguinal hernia presenting as spontaneous scrotal faecal fistula. Hernia. 2006;10(5):434–5.[] Caecal Richter's hernia can be associated with Fournier's gangrene.[] The symptoms include bloating, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite, lack of flatus and cramping. Ileus usually arises between 24 to 72 hours post-operatively.[]

  • Femoral Hernia

    The authors describe the case of an incarcerated femoral hernia in an infant. A 4-month-old female infant was hospitalized with an incarcerated right groin hernia.[] We demonstrate in the article the diagnostic pitfalls of the Richter's femoral hernia.[] A 65-year-old woman presented with a nonradiating, constant pain in the right groin with associated nausea and anorexia.[]

  • Obturator Hernia

    We discuss the possible use of this maneuver to release an incarcerated obturator hernia.[] This richter’s type of obturator hernia commonly involves affected right side.[] […] of appetite.[]

  • Littre Hernia

    […] diverticulum; Littré's hernia; Incarcerated hernia Full Text: HTML PDF[] Etiology Richter hernia gets its name from August Gottlich Richter who described this hernia in 1785.[] […] of strangulated Meckel diverticulum in a femoral hernia had been reported. 4 Symptoms of Littre hernia consist of vague, crampy abdominal pain, dyspepsia, and occasional anorexia[]

  • Hernia

    The secondary aim was to establish an algorithm on how to proceed with incarcerated hernias.[] hernia sac: dysuria , nocturia , hematuria De Garengeot's hernia : incarceration of the vermiform appendix in a femoral hernia Richter's hernia : herniation of only a part[] Any residual digestive problems these patients experience, such as loss of appetite, bloating or increased flatulence, commonly resolve over a short period of time.[]

  • Spigelian Hernia

    Spigelian hernia is an uncommon spontaneous lateral ventral hernia with an incarceration ratio of around 20%.[] Richter’s hernia in Spigelian hernia. Indian J Gastroenterol. 2000;19:36-7. Nozoe T, Funahashi S, Kipamura M, Ishikawa H, Suehiro T, Iso Y, et al.[] Hyperpigmented nevus (Becker’s nevus), linear epidermal nevus • Pemphigus vegetans • Lichen simplex chronicus • Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis • Angina • Bulimia • Anorexia[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    An irreducible hernia - also known as an incarcerated hernia - is a hernia that cannot be pushed back, manually, through the opening in the abdomen.[] Abstract Richter's hernia (partial enterocele) is the strangulation/entrapment of only part of the circumference of the intestinal wall.[] […] of appetite Constipation or inability to pass gas Swelling in the stomach or abdomen Because some of these symptoms can also be present in several other conditions, pain[]

  • Inguinal Hernia

    An incarcerated inguinal hernia is a textbook example of a basic and straightforward diagnosis.[] Richter hernia A Richter hernia occurs when only the antimesenteric border of the bowel herniates through the fascial defect.[] Intestinal obstruction produces nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain and usually requires prompt surgery.[]

  • Incarcerated Hernia

    Hernia is classified as follows depending on the reduction: Easily reducible hernia Incarcerated hernia Strangulated hernia Incarcerated hernia This form of hernia that cannot[] He presented a 3-day history of nausea, anorexia, and a palpable tender, painful, and enlarged inguinal mass.[] Other symptoms often include anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and fever. Emergency surgery can be required for an incarcerated hernia.[]

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