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89 Possible Causes for Increased Bone Density, Jaw Mass

  • Osteitis Deformans

    bone density, increased microfractures, loss of distinction between cortex and medulla; may have sharp demarcation between normal and affected bone; may extend into soft[] These medications are intended to increase bone density and reduce the activity of Paget's disease. [1] [2] [4] Zoledronate is the preferred intravenous bisphosphonate, but[] […] the vestibulocochlear nerve in the internal auditory canal 14 loss of bone mineral density of the cochlear capsule 15 conductive hearing loss fixation of the middle ear ossicles[]

  • Leontiasis

    bone density, increased microfractures, loss of distinction between cortex and medulla; may have sharp demarcation between normal and affected bone; may extend into soft[] masses.[] […] pathology Diagnosis Xray, elevated serum alkaline phosphatase and urinary hydroxyproline (normal serum calcium and phosphorus) Radiology description Early - radiolucency Late - increased[]

  • Acromegaly

    […] acromegaly on bone mineral density (BMD) are still controversial and despite normalization of bone turnover after treatment, the risk for fractures remains increased.[] Vertebral fracture without loss of bone mineral density is related to increased bone turnover markers seen in acromegaly 4 .[] […] forearm, a site rich in cortical bone • excess GH and IGF-I induce an increase of the cortical bone density, independently of gonadal function, whereas hypogonadism seems[]

  • Malignant Bone Neoplasm

    […] outweighs osteolytic processes increase in radiographic density ; (e.g., prostate cancer , small cell lung cancer ) Osteolytic metastasis ; : osteolytic processes outweigh[] PRESENTATION -PAIN -PALPABLE MASS -PATHOLOGICAL # AGE 10-30 YRS SITE METAPHYSIS OF LONG BONES -DISTAL FEMUR -PROXIMAL TIBIA -OTHERS HUMERUS,RIBS,ILEUM,JAW BONES LUNG - Cannonball[] Clinical features: Classic presentation of conventional osteosarcoma typically is progressively enlarging, painfull mass.[]

  • Necrosis of the Jaw

    […] resorption, and increases bone density.[ 10 , 11 ] It is used in patients affected by osteoporosis or metastatic bone diseases.[] Approximately 125 cases of osteonecrosis of the jaw have been linked with the use of some type of bisphosphonate drug.[] Bisphosphonates (BPs) can effectively increase bone density to reduce the incidence of fractures by inhibition of the osteoclast-mediated bone resorption [ 1 ].[]

  • Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica

    density measured in cancellous bone.2,12 In our patient, bone mineral density in die lumbosacral spine measured by quantitative CT revealed a 26.6% increase at 6 weeks and[] […] and seamlessly with the original bone. [34] Prognosis [ edit ] Almost all who undergo parathyroidectomy experience increased bone density and repair of the skeleton within[] bone resorption and results in osteoporosis by decreasing bone mineral density brown tumors fibrous tissue deposition in areas of lost bone brown color is due to hemorrhage[]

  • Actinomycosis

    If the bone itself is invaded, localized areas of bone destruction surrounded by increased bone density usually develop.[] – “lumpy jaw” Intestinal Resembles Crohn’s disease May produce rupture of a hollow viscous, especially appendix May produce fistula formation Pulmonary Consolidation which[] increased bone density.[]

  • Periostitis

    Despite the impressive increases in bone mineral density seen with fluoride, bone quality is impaired at nonvertebral sites in some patients who receive long-term treatment[] The otolaryngologist should be aware of this entity and include it in the differential diagnosis of any fixed jaw mass to avoid mistaking it for a more malignant process with[] Fluoride induces bone formation by stimulating osteoblasts. Elevations of serum alkaline phosphatase, which is a marker of bone formation, reflect this activity.[]

  • Hyperparathyroidism-Jaw Tumor Syndrome

    Conditional deletion of Hrpt2 within mature osteoblasts using osteocalcin-driven Cre results in increased bone mineral density, cortical thickness, and overall stiffness of[] His physical exam was negative for neck or jaw masses.[] Chow CC et al. (2003) Oral alendronate increases bone mineral density in postmenopausal women with primary hyperparathyroidism. [ ] 17.[]

  • Oral Surgery

    Neoformation and bone density were the outcomes of choice and there was a tendency of increase in bone density, neoformation, regeneration, mineralization, or bone condensation[] Bone augmentation, also known as bone grafting, is a procedure needed when your jaw is lacking adequate bone mass to successfully hold a dental implant.[] If a dental implant is placed in the jaw where bone structure is not sufficient, the likelihood of an implant failing increases.[]

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