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1,281 Possible Causes for Infectious Arthritis

  • Viral Arthritis

    What Is Infectious Arthritis?[] What are the signs of infectious arthritis? What causes infectious arthritis? How does my doctor tell if I have infectious arthritis?[] Follow our blog In this Article Basics of Infectious Arthritis Causes of Infectious Arthritis Diagnosis of Infectious Arthritis Treatment of Infectious Arthritis Summary Basics[]

  • Syphilitic Arthritis

    There are two types of infectious arthritis: Acute infectious arthritis that is caused by bacteria begins quickly. Most cases of infectious arthritis are acute.[] There are two types of infectious arthritis: Resources In This Article[] Features of therapy Treatment of infectious arthritis prolonged.[]

  • Septic Arthritis

    Definition/Description Septic arthritis is also commonly referred as bacterial or infectious arthritis.[] Types of infectious (septic) arthritis There are generally two types of infectious arthritis: acute and chronic. Acute: Caused by bacteria that begins quickly.[] Infectious arthritis caused by a virus doesn’t require medication.[]

  • Massive Trauma

    PURPOSE: To report our experience with recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) to control hemorrhage in trauma patients with profound multifactorial coagulopathy. rFVIIa forms a complex with tissue factor exposed at sites of tissue damage and induces activation of coagulation limited to the site of injury. It is[…][]

  • Pyogenic Arthritis

    Septic Arthritis Infectious Arthritis Infectious Arthritis Infectious Arthritis usually occurs as a result of hematogenous seeding of the synovial membrane from an infected[] The most common complication of infectious arthritis is osteoarthritis.[] Infectious Arthritis Causes Most types of infectious arthritis are caused by bacteria.[]

  • Hemophilic Arthropathy

    , infectious) 711.9 infectious disease NEC 136.9 [ 711.8 ] leprosy (see also Leprosy) 030.9 [ 711.4 ] leukemia NEC (M9800/3) 208.9 [ 713.2 ] lipoid dermatoarthritis 272.8[] It was first recognised in 1964 and is now considered part of the spondyloarthropathy group of diseases. [22] Reactive arthritis Reactive arthritis (ReA) is an infectious[] […] hypersensitivity reaction NEC 995.3 [ 713.6 ] hypogammaglobulinemia (see also Hypogammaglobulinemia) 279.00 [ 713.0 ] hypothyroidism NEC 244.9 [ 713.0 ] infection (see also Arthritis[]

  • Tropical Myositis

    Potential complications of untreated infectious myositis include: compartment syndrome spread of infection to adjacent structures osteomyelitis septic arthritis systemic spread[] Infectious myositis and related syndromes. Semin. Arthritis Rheum] [Subramanian, K. N., and K. S. Lam. 2003.[]

  • Pyogenic Arthritis of the Sacroiliac Joint

    Definition/Description Septic arthritis is also commonly referred as bacterial or infectious arthritis.[] Septic arthritis also includes prosthetic joint infections. Septic arthritis is also called infectious arthritis.[] Infectious arthritis of native joints. In: Mandell GL, Bennett JE, Dolin R, eds. Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases. 6th ed.[]

  • Joint Tuberculosis

    arthritis in developing countries and usually represents reactivation of primary pulmonary or lymph node tuberculosis.[] Tuberculous arthropathy is a type of musculoskeletal manifestation of tuberculosis (TB) and a common cause of infectious arthritis in developing countries.[] infectious disease accounting 1.3 million deaths in 2013 [1].[]

  • Hypogammaglobulinemia

    […] and Postinfectious Arthritis 757 Myositis and Fasciitis 767 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 773 Infections in Special PatientRisk Groups 781 Postsurgical Wound Infections 783 Burn[] Fatal Pneumocystis pneumonia following rituximab administration for rheumatoid arthritis.[] Common variable immunodeficiency non-infectious disease endotypes redefined using unbiased network clustering in large electronic datasets.[]

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