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4 Possible Causes for Initial Disturbance of Central Vision

  • Cone Rod Dystrophy
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa 32

    RP is characterised by progressive loss of vision, initially manifesting as night blindness and reduction in the peripheral visual field, and later involving loss of central[] vision. 1 Ophthalmoscopic examination typically shows pigmentary disturbances of the mid-peripheral retina.[]

  • Intestinal Botulism

    It initially affects the nerves in the skull and may cause blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, double vision, stammering or stuttering, vocal disturbance, drooping eyelids[] Factsheet Symptoms Botulism causes paralysis by affecting the nerves which allow the brain to stimulate muscles and part of the central nervous system.[]

  • Trifluoperazine

    ); in an initiation of treatment – drowsiness, a vision disorder; at long reception – late dyskinesia of facial muscles; seldom – a malignant antipsychotic syndrome.[] From the central nervous system: often – extrapyramidal disturbances (dyskinesia, the akineto-rigid phenomena, an akathisia, hyperkinesias, a tremor, vegetative disturbances[]

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