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505 Possible Causes for Insect Bite, Kidney Failure, Seizure

  • Meningitis

    A patient with a 30-year history of RA, well controlled with methotrexate therapy, presented with new-onset seizures.[] Exposure to viruses can occur through breathing in respiratory droplets from infected people, certain insect bites, and direct skin contact.[] You are also at higher risk if you have a weakened immune system, have had your spleen removed , are on corticosteroids because of kidney failure or have a sickle cell disease[]

  • Anaphylaxis

    Seizures as a manifestation of anaphylaxis are rare with 1 study claiming 13% of cases of anaphylaxis having LOC and only 1.5% cases with loss of bladder or bowel control.[] The causes of anaphylaxis were food (n 236, 55%), drugs (n 85, 20%), idiopathic (n 64, 15%), and insect bites or stings (n 28, 7%).[] This can contribute to potential complications such as: brain damage kidney failure cardiogenic shock , a condition that causes your heart to not pump enough blood to your[]

  • Jellyfish Sting

    […] do not touch any spines with your bare hands do not cover or close the wound Go to A&E or call 999 if you've been stung and have: difficulty breathing chest pain fits or seizures[] . • after all tentacle sections have gone, pain can be treated with a heat pack for some pain relief or possibly insect bite creams that lists ‘ …ocaine ‘ as an ingredient[] While the majority of cases are nontoxic, some lead to sequelae such as infection of the wound, acute kidney failure, hemolysis, rhabdomyolysis, pulmonary edema and respiratory[]

  • Turpentine Oil

    […] breathing in turpentine) Severe cough or choking Throat swelling (which may also cause breathing difficulty) NERVOUS SYSTEM Dizziness Drowsiness Nervousness Convulsions (seizures[] Excellent application for minor muscular aches and pains, stiffness and soreness of muscles due to overexertion, exposure or fatigue, mosquito bites and non-venomous insect[] Symptoms Bladder and kidneys Blood in urine Kidney failure (no urine produced) Eyes, ears, nose, and throat Loss of vision Severe pain in the throat Severe pain or burning[]

  • Skin Infection

    The infant recovered, with no seizures by the 16th day from admission, and was off the ventilator by the 18th day.[] Impetigo can develop if you have a cut or an insect bite, but it also can occur in previously healthy skin [source: Mayo Clinic ].[] People who may be more likely to get a staph infection include those with: Diabetes who use insulin HIV/AIDS Kidney failure requiring dialysis Weakened immune systems — either[]

  • Ricin Poisoning

    The person may receive intravenous fluids, medications to control seizures , and stomach flushing if ricin was ingested.[] We also come to understand the tools of this work, from the Stryker's Saw to the grocer's scale, and tests that reveal factors from DNA evidence to toxins from insect bites[] If foods contaminated with ricin or castor oil are accidentally eaten, it can cause internal bleeding, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain , liver and kidney failure, circulatory[]

  • Tetanus

    The infant recovered, with no seizures by the 16th day from admission, and was off the ventilator by the 18th day.[] bites Dental infections Compound fractures (a break in the bone where it is exposed) Chronic sores and infections Intravenous (IV) drug use Intramuscular injections (shots[] failure.[]

  • Daphne Poisoning

    More central effects manifest as central nervous system depression, respiratory distress, and possibly tonic-clonic seizures.[] The Native Americans used it for insect and snake bites. lemon balm *The plant has a strong scent of lemon and mint.[] It can also cause a racing, irregular heart rate, poor circulation, tremors, seizures, coma, and death.[]

  • Insect Bite

    Kirsty also started having seizures 18 months ago. Speaking from her hospital bed, Kirsty said: “My bones feel like they’re being snapped and my muscles ripped.[] Insects are a class of living creatures within the arthropods. Insect bite reactions are commonly seen in clinical practice.[] Stings from large hornets or multiple (hundreds or thousands) bee stings have been reported to cause muscle breakdown and kidney failure and death.[]

  • Belladonna Tincture

    If you have a chronic illness that requires taking medicine constantly such as heart condition, seizures, and life-threatening allergies, you are much safer keeping in touch[] You can use it for relieving a variety of pains including muscular pain, pain due to inflammation, pain due to insect bites, and pain due to allergies.[] Use sodium iodide cautiously with kidney failure. Avoid sodium iodide with gastrointestinal obstruction.[]

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