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24 Possible Causes for Insect Bite, Tremor, Turpentine Oil

  • Camphor Liniment

    […] particularly homeopathic doses), but moderate-to-large doses being ingested may cause serious side effects, such as profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting,dry mouth, diarrhea, tremors[] Oil (Watkins Cream of Camphor Liniment) indications Uses of Turpentine Oil (Watkins Cream of Camphor Liniment) in details Turpentine Oil (Watkins Cream of Camphor Liniment[] You can use camphor as an insect repellent to avoid insect bites.[]

  • Psychogenic Pruritus

    The presence of goiter, hand tremor, and exophthalmos suggests hyperthyroidism. Pallor, hypertension, and growth failure suggest chronic renal failure.[] bite) Transmitted by slow, unmyelinated group C nerve fibres (nerve roots in the epidermis, dedicated to itch and separate from pain-conducting group C nerve fibres) Poorly[] oil, allyl isothiocyanate, ammonia, and salicylic acid.[]

  • Bronchitis

    Figures and Tables - Analysis 1.9 Comparison 1 Beta2‐agonists versus placebo in children, Outcome 9 Shaking or tremor.[] ; as well as cedar leaf oil, nutmeg oil, thymol, and turpentine oil.[] Bites and Stings ; Headache ; Diarrhea ; Anxiety[]

  • Turpentine Oil

    (which may also cause breathing difficulty) NERVOUS SYSTEM Dizziness Drowsiness Nervousness Convulsions (seizures) Euphoria (feeling of being drunk) Headache Staggering Tremors[] […] edit Language Label Description Also known as English turpentine oil volatile mixture from distillation of turpentine (Q18603218) turps spirit of turpentine oil of turpentine[] Excellent application for minor muscular aches and pains, stiffness and soreness of muscles due to overexertion, exposure or fatigue, mosquito bites and non-venomous insect[]

  • Kyasanur Forest Disease

    However, a minor share of patients develops neurological symptoms like disorientation, confusion, tremors and abnormal reflexes.[] (RUSSIAN) 04631 CASEIN INFLUENCE OF A SPECIFIC INFLAMMATORY FACTORS CASEIN, OIL OF TURPENTINE* ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF HEPATIC POLYPLOIDY IN THE RAT.[] Besides vaccination, other preventative measures include utilization of insect repellents and wearing protective clothing to avoid tick bites [14].[]

  • Kerosene Poisoning

    Symptoms after ingestion include drowsiness, fever, a rapid heartbeat, tremors, and severe pneumonitis if the fluid is aspirated. Vomiting is not induced.[] […] and trichloroethane d) cyclic turpenes e.g. turpentine, pine oil 5.[] Patients with the following conditions were excluded from the study: 1) History of snake bite, dog bite, insect sting. 2) Non-accidental poisoning i.e. suspected suicidal[]

  • Toluene Poisoning

    […] pain Cough Rapid, shallow breathing NERVOUS SYSTEM Convulsions Dizziness Drowsiness Extreme feeling of well-being (euphoria) Headache Memory loss Nervousness Staggering Tremors[] Common agents encountered include essential oils like eucalyptus oil in children, kerosene, petroleum, turpentine and toluene.[] […] and stings of some animals and insects.[]

  • Umbilical Cellulitis

    187 17 Other specified congenit Page 237 and 238: Q96 188 17 Turner's syndrome Sindro Page 239 and 240: R07 189 18 Pain in throat and chest Page 241 and 242: R25 1 192 18 Tremor[] Local application of several substances such as turpentine oil, mineral oil, ether, chloroform, ethyl chloride, mercuric chloride, phenol, olive oil, or iodoform results in[] Allergic reactions / contact dermatitis (e.g. to insect bites, immunisations, plants, etc) are frequently misdiagnosed as cellulitis.[]

  • Dermatitis Medicamentosa

    Angioedema (Medical Encyclopedia) Drug allergies (Medical Encyclopedia) Drug-induced diarrhea (Medical Encyclopedia) Drug-induced tremor (Medical Encyclopedia) Taking multiple[] —Antipyrin, antitoxin, belladonna, chloral, copaiba and cubebs, copaiba, digitalis, hyoscyamus, mercury, nux vomica, opiates, oil of turpentine, pilocarpin, rhubarb, quinin[] Nummular dermatitis is a coin-shaped scaly patch or sore that may occur after an injury such an insect bite, abrasion, or burn.[]

  • Pharyngeal Disease

    Patients develop tremor, rigidity, dysarthria, sialorrhea, dysphagia, intracorneal pigmentation, and psychiatric and hepatic disease.[] The inhalation of steam from water on which four or five drops of the oil of turpentine or the oil of eucalyptus are dropped, is very soothing.[] Inflamed adenoids or tonsils, sudden swelling from an insect bite or allergic reaction, stuck food or detached dentures, or injury of the pharynx can all impede breathing.[]

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