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35 Possible Causes for insectivorous

  • Tuberculosis

    Abstract Hantaviruses are a group of antigenically distinct viruses carried out in rodents and insectivores.[]

  • Hepatitis A Virus

    Ancestral state reconstructions suggest a Hepatovirus origin in small insectivorous mammals and a rodent origin of human HAV.[]

  • Hypoprothrombinemia

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  • Astrovirus

    Recently, novel groups of astroviruses were identified in apparently healthy insectivorous bats.[]

  • Hantaan Virus

    Of the eight species of rodents and one insectivore species captured, A. agrarius accounted for 93.4% and 88.5% at FP-10 and FP-60, respectively.[] Hantavirus infections in insectivores are not systematically studied yet.[] The host range of hantaviruses includes rodents and insectivores, and genetically distinct hantaviruses are usually associated with a single host species.[]

  • Dracunculus Medinensis

    Dianthus chinensis Chinese pink with deeply toothed rose-lilac flowers with a purplish eye; usually raised as an annual Anolis carolinensis small arboreal tropical American insectivorous[]

  • Chlordane Poisoning

    We also analyzed brain tissue from insectivorous bats (15 big brown bats, Eptesicus fuscus , and 5 little brown bats, Myotis lucifugus ) that were submitted to the New Jersey[]

  • Metabolic Bone Disease

    The same is true if the Cal/Phos ratio of insectivorous lizards is off, since most crickets and mealworms are high in protein and phosphorous and low in calcium.[] Affected reptiles are generally rapidly growing herbivorous and insectivorous lizards and chelonians.[] In order for reptiles, like iguanas, to absorb calcium vitamin D3 is required to help in the absorption process, so when an iguana or other herbivorous or insectivorous reptile[]

  • Jasminum

    Ecology Ecology The flowers attract insects to the garden, and therefore insectivorous birds follow. Fruits are eaten by birds, and by people in times of famine.[]

  • Ebola Virus Disease

    The virus affects human and non-human primates through transmission from unknown hosts, mostly fruit and insectivorous bats, via direct contact through body fluids like blood[]

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