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447 Possible Causes for insensibly

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Diet Increased fluids are warranted to replace insensible losses and reduced oral intake. However, alcohol may cause swelling of the nasal and paranasal sinus mucosae.[]

  • Radial Nerve Palsy

    The difficulties of fitting a functional prosthesis to an insensate limb and the rehabilitation stages leading to functional ambulation are reviewed.[]

  • Acute Nephritis

    ARF ( 1ml / kg / hr) Management Protocol • Fluid & Electrolyte : • Restrict to insensible losses last day’s output Insensible losses 400 ml / m2 /day Insensible losses – replaced[] . • Fluid intake restricted to anFluid intake restricted to an amount equal to insensible lossesamount equal to insensible losses and 24 hr. urine outputand 24 hr. urine output[] […] lossesamount equal to insensible losses and 24 hr. urine outputand 24 hr. urine output Diuretics :Diuretics : In presence of pulmonaryIn presence of pulmonary edema:edema[]

  • Baclofen

    Abstract In patients with Charcot spine, a loss of normal feedback response from the insensate spine results in spinal neuropathy.[] If it is needed, the dosing regimen can be insensibly enhanced. But this must be done very carefully and under strict control.[] […] creatinine), urinalysis, creatinine kinase Management Initial supportive measures Basics: IV, O 2 (if hypoxic) and cardiac monitor Fluid resuscitation Patients have large insensible[]

  • Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy Type 1C

    Abstract We report on a 10-year-old girl with anhidrosis and insensibility to pain, but no severe mental retardation or self-mutilation, diagnosed as hereditary sensory and[]

  • Amniotic Band Syndrome

    When the limb is completely insensate, frequent pressure sores and skin breakdown can occur.[] The feet of legs with significant constriction bands are often insensate since the nerves have been completely damaged by the band.[]

  • Dysuria

    The lowest incidence is in those children with an insensate urethra who are continent. When symptoms occur they are easily treated in the majority of cases.[] A significant increase in the incidence of the hematuria-dysuria syndrome was detected in those cases with a sensate compared to those with an insensate urethra.[]

  • Jasminum

    Perfect insensibility. Surface cool.[] Perfect insensibility. Eyes. Pupils immoderately dilated. Face. Face pallid.[]

  • Carbachol

    Abstract Following abdominal radiation, a 16-year-old male developed persistent vomiting, metabolic alkalosis, and cachexia secondary to gastric stasis, atony, and dilatation in the absence of mechanical obstruction. Fluoroscopically and manometrically, antral motility was found to be severely impaired. Antral motor[…][]

  • Urinary Catheter

    Abstract The use of long-term catheterisation to manage insensate bladders, often associated with spinal cord injury (SCI), increases the risk of microbial colonisation and[]

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