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126 Possible Causes for Inspiration, Prolonged Expiration

  • Acute Bronchitis

    It is possible that having irritated bronchial tubes for as long as a few months may inspire asthmatic conditions in some patients. [ citation needed ] In addition, if one[] They will listen for the presence of rhonchi, prolonged expiration and wheezing. The sputum can be tested for the presence of bacteria.[] […] signs Barrel chest (increased anteroposterior diameter) Diaphragm appears lower and flatter Paradoxical inward movement of the lower ribs and visible interspaces during inspiration[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    expiration Pulmonary decompression injury Radiation respiratory disease Respiratory obstruction Respiratory tract congestion Respiratory tract infection Shrinking lung syndrome[] Occlusions were made at end inspiration, which was identified from the flow signal. The distal end of the pneumotachograph was briefly occluded manually.[] Bronchiole diameter is larger during inspiration than during expiration and this leads to hyperinflation of air sacs distal to bronchiole.[]

  • Asthma

    […] forced expiration (wheezing).[] Inspired by this, N,N,N'-trimethyl-N'-(4-hydroxyl-benzyl)-1,3-propanediamine (TPD), a new HIPD analog, was proposed as a lung-targeting ligand and covalently conjugated to[] In a more severe asthmatic episode, wheezing is also present during inspiration.[]

  • Tracheomalacia

    The weakened area of trachea collapses more easily during expiration and prolongs expiration, or prevents expectoration and causes trapping of secretions.[] Computed tomography (CT) angiography was also concurrently performed during the end-inspiration phase of the study.[] […] labored, and wheezy expiration and progressive asphyxia which is resistant to increased inspiratory oxygen concentration ( 5 ).[]

  • Croup

    Listening to the chest through a stethoscope may reveal prolonged inspiration or expiration, wheezing , and decreased breath sounds.[] inspiration.[] Sometimes swelling of the airway causes difficulty breathing, which is most noticeable when breathing in (inspiration).[]

  • Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis

    Clinica - dispnee de tip inspirator instalata insidios. Laborator -; teste nespecifice sau uneori FR sau AAN prezenti.[] Other predictive criteria were the presence of serum precipitins, recurrent symptoms, symptoms occurring 4–8 h after antigen exposure, crackles on inspiration, and weight[] BOLI PULMONARE ASOCIATE CU FIBROZA DIFUZA INTERSTITIALA UIP (usual type interstitial pneumonia) Clinic -; dispnee de tip inspirator instalata insidios.[]

  • Hypercapnia

    To evaluate the impact of inspired oxygen levels on M, OEF and CMRO2 estimates, a cohort of six healthy adults underwent two different protocols: one where 60% of O2 was administered[] Mechanical ventilation of status asthmaticus patients involves avoiding dynamic hyperinflation, which is caused by prolonged expiration and premature airway closure.[] We tested if the addition of CO to inspired gases with different inspired O2 and CO2 fractions (FIO2 and FICO2) stimulates ventilation at rest or during submaximal exercise[]

  • Respiratory Acidosis

    Thoracic examination of the patients may reveal the following signs: Wheezing Decreased breath sounds Hyperinflation Hyperresonance on percussion Prolonged expiration Rhonchi[] Hypocapnia was produced by deliberate hyperventilation and hypercapnia by adding carbon dioxide to the inspired gas mixture. 2.[] Prolonged expiration 9. Orthopnea 10. Cardiac dysrhythmias 11. Congestion and hyperinflation seen on chest x-ray 12.[]

  • Mechanical Ventilation

    expiration Decrease I time Increase flow Sedate if necessary Increase extrinsic PEEP (2/3 intrinsic)[] ; Inspiration; End-Inspiration; Baseline.[] The primary endpoint will be a composite of all-cause mortality, early respiratory failure defined as a ratio of partial pressure of oxygen/fraction of inspired oxygen 200[]

  • Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

    Term or post term Umbilical cord and fingernails are stained yellow or green Stained vernix Exhibits respiratory distress at birth with meconium stained fluid Prolonged expiration[] The viscous meconium material within airways often causes ball or check-valve obstruction that allows gas flow during inspiration but obstructs expiratory flow, leading to[] […] meconium aspiration syndrome . meconium aspiration syndrome A disorder resulting from the passage of meconium by the fetus into the amniotic fluid followed by the diffusion or inspiration[]

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