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84 Possible Causes for Insulin Resistance, Oligomenorrhea, Peripheral Vascular Disease

  • Obesity

    The aim of this paper is to analyze the pathogenetic mechanisms of insulin resistance development in pregnant women with varying obesity degrees in early and late gestation[] […] with insulin resistance remain unknown.[] Serum insulin levels were measured using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and insulin resistance was calculated using the homeostasis model assessment of insulin[]

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    After three months, a significant weight loss was recorded, hirsutism had decreased slightly and oligomenorrhea reappeared.[] Affected women have marked insulin resistance, independent of obesity.[] Coronary Artery Disease or Peripheral Vascular Disease. No change in standard management. May be seen more frequently in patients with PCOS. E.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Gynecomastia and galactorrhea may occur in adults as well as adolescents and young children [ 113 ], and adult women may develop oligomenorrhea [ 114 ] Metoclopramide also[] IR was determined using homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR).[] Search terms used included "diabetes mellitus," "peripheral vascular disease," "distribution of disease," "angiography," "computed tomography angiography," and "magnetic resonance[]

  • Metabolic Syndrome

    University of California-Davis between the ages of 20 and 45 years with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 45 kg/m 2, who fulfilled the NIH criteria for PCOS (amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea[] We present a clinical approach to the treatment of syndromic insulin resistance.[] Abstract The most common and clinically important complication in adults with diabetes is cardiovascular disease (CVD), which includes coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular[]

  • Achard Thiers Syndrome

    Additional symptoms include polyuria, polydipsia, weight loss, and menstrual irregularities - oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea.[] Seite 139 - Kahn, CR, Flier, JS, Bar, RS, Archer, JA, Gorden, P., Martin, MM and Roth, J. (1976) The syndromes of insulin resistance and acanthosis nigricans: insulin-receptor[] vascular disease, nephropathy, retinopathy and neuropathy as compared to diabetic cases without cutaneous manifestations (37.24%) and Mahajan et al. [9] and Schemer et al[]

  • Hyperlipidemia

    A 44-year-old woman with hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia presented with abrupt onset of oligomenorrhea, progressive virilization as acne, hirsutism and clitoromegaly, and[] resistance and diabetes.[] Longstanding elevated cholesterol is typically associated with cardiovascular disease and therefore, can lead to heart attack, stroke and/or peripheral vascular disease.[]

  • Hypogonadism

    The phenotype of a 16-yr-old sister of the proband, carrying the same mutations, was characterized by normal pubertal development and oligomenorrhea.[] Original Research Insulin Resistance and Inflammation in Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism and Their Reduction After Testosterone Replacement in Men With Type 2 Diabetes, Husam[] ., Parkinson's, Alzheimer's dementia) Spinal cord and peripheral nerve disorders (e.g., trauma, stenosis, tumor, myelitis) Peripheral vascular disease Medications/drugs: diuretics[]

  • Hyperthyroidism

    Correction of insulin resistance in methimazole-treated patients with Graves disease. Rev Invest Clin. 2001;53:531–5. 43.[] Peripheral Manifestations of Thyroid Disease Eyes: Check for lid lag and stare.[] Patients who have been treated previously for hyperthyroidism have an increased incidence of obesity 41 and insulin resistance. 42 The effect of hyperthyroidism on endothelial[]

  • Insulin-Resistance Syndrome Type B

    […] to 8:00 a.m. the next day (consider if Cushing's syndrome suspected) 5.0 μg per dL (140 nmol per L) Polycystic ovarian syndrome Serum LH, FSH (consider if amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea[] What is insulin resistance? Does it mean you're going to get type 2 diabetes ?[] The long-term consequences of insulin resistance include the effects of diabetes (eg, peripheral vascular disease, kidney disease, and visual complications) and certain malignancies[]

  • Addison's Disease

    […] phosphorus, glucose and thyrotropin Measure serum PTH if patient has hypocalcemia Hypogonadism should be investigated in post-menarchal female adolescents presenting in oligomenorrhea[] IARC Sci Publ 82 : 1 – 406 21 1999 Glucocorticoids and insulin resistance: old hormones, new targets.[] Coronary Artery Disease or Peripheral Vascular Disease No change in standard management. E. Diabetes or other Endocrine issues No change in standard management. F.[]

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